The Unicorn of the CRO world

The Unicorn of the CRO world

Learning that most CRO strategies are ineffective is like learning for the first time that Santa Claus isn’t real. Most of the tips and tricks you’ve learned on the web are seriously lacking in substance.

What is a conversion for an eCommerce site?

The conversion of your eCommerce site can be split into 2 categories:

Primary conversions – These are the conversions we all dream of. When your customer completes a purchase and sets the cash register ringing.

Secondary conversions – A secondary conversion matters too! A secondary conversion is an indirect conversion that does not directly result in a sale but can affect it in the future. Ex: Blog subscriptions, pop up submissions etc.

The formula to calculate your conversion rates:

Primary conversion rate calculation = ( Total number of sales/transactions ) / Total number of visitors

Secondary conversion rate calculation = ( Total number of subscribers/opt ins ) / Site visitors

The conventional CRO fairytale we’ve been made to believe

Conversion Rate Optimization

A long time ago there lived a CRO expert who changed the color of a CTA button and it resulted in a 4% conversion lift.

Except that conversion rate optimization goes beyond fonts and colors. And there’s nothing much you gain with a 4% conversion lift. Wait. That number isn’t even real. When the novelty of your offer/change wears off you lose the early lead you gained. And it is back to square one.

A/B testing and making minor tweaks isn’t a groundbreaking growth strategy. It is table stakes.

How to become a CRO unicorn?

Despite all the buzz about conversion rate optimization the fact is that only a small minority of unicorn sites have a conversion rate of 15%.

The average conversion rate is just above 2%.

Are you tired of?

  • Minor conversion lifts that don’t make a difference to your bottomline
  • Constant campaign and landing page changes
  • Dismal conversions

We’ve just

Reduced the cost of conversion by 3X and helped our client see a 10X return on investment.

How did we achieve these results for our client?

Our eCommerce conversion rate optimization rockstars will ring up the curtains on April 30th at 11 AM PST and spill the secret sauce behind high conversions.

Join us to learn about

  • The e-commerce conversion funnel
  • How the little things matter
  • Understanding and improving the customer journey
  • Tips to convert leads into loyal customers
  • Continuous CRO

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