As a Shopify website owner, having the right payment gateway on your site is essential for success. This is one of the first steps in setting up an online shop and a crucial part of any customer experience.

Different payment gateways offer different advantages and it’s important to select one that will work best for you.

In this blog post we’ll explore some of the most popular payment gateways for Shopify users, including their features, benefits, fees and more so you can make an informed decision about which method is best suited to your customer base.

The evolution of eCommerce rests on two factors: the Internet and trust.

The information superhighway has been taken to the next level with growing innovations and technology. But with a lack of trust and fear of being frauded or robbed eCommerce industry can go now where.

This is where payment gateways take credit.

Purchasing a product online and making payments have become more accessible, convenient and safer than ever.

All that customers need to do is enter a few details and click “pay”. The rest is taken care of by the payment gateways.

They have made transactions safe for both customers and merchants.

Here is the list of six best payment gateway for Shopify (not ranking in any order) that are perfect for all types of eCommerce stores.

1. Shopify payment:

What other payment gateway can be more compatible with a Shopify store than its own?

Shopify payment gateway has partnered with top international payment providers for effortless sales.


  • Customers are enabled to pay in their local currency with the payment method of their choice.
  • It is simple to set up, skipping long third-party activations.
  • Seamless integration with the site.
  • Let’s save on transactions and processing fees.
  • Can start accepting payments instantly.
  • 3D Secure checkouts, PCI-compliant servers and payment data encryption for secure transactions.
  • Offers integrated back office to control the finances, track orders and handle payments in one place.

2. Stripe:

Stripe offers a fully integrated suite of payment products. Their technology-first approach to payments makes them a preferred choice of eCommerce merchants.

Stripe provides all the necessary tools to accept payments online from customers across the globe. Moreover, the platform maximizes conversions and reduces fraud with the help of machine learning.


  • Optimized checkout flow
  • Reduced friction at checkout
  • Instant adaptation to customer’s language and device
  • Flexible integration options
  • Global payment methods
  • Decreased fraud with machine learning
  • Maximized acceptance
  • PCI Compliance

3. PayPal:

PayPal is the most popular payment solution among small and mid-level businesses. It offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, from payments to fraud protection.

It helps eCommerce businesses accelerate growth, streamline operations, and keenly monitor risk.

Paypal offers a range of paid and free plans, with a basic plan starting at 2.9% + $0.30 to a Pro plan at $30/month.


  • Easy payment acceptance
  • Simplified cash flow management, funds transfer, suppliers payment and online purchases.
  • Close monitoring of transactions
  • Tools to increase conversions
  • Streamlined financial operations from reporting to analytics

4. Amazon Pay:

With hundreds of millions of Amazon customers in 170+ countries, Amazon Pay is shoppers’ most familiar payment gateway. It is a brand they know and trust. Thus, it is easy to convince customers to make payments online.


  • Amazon Pay keeps customers engaged from cart to checkout
  • No account creation or new information is required while making payment
  • Advanced fraud protection
  • Employs innovative eCommerce features like shopping using Alexa and more.
  • Recurring payment options for loyalty and convenience
  • Easy to setup, integrate and use
  • Offers dedicated account and technical support
  • Omnichannel APIs & smooth front-end design with a hosted checkout flow

5. Opayo:

Formerly known as SagePay, Opayo is a popular Shopify Payment solution provider in the US. Opayo payment gateway is easy to integrate with all major eCommerce and POS platforms.

It’s quick to set up, offers secure encryption and robust custom payment pages. It provides four simple methods of integration.

  • Opayo payment integration
  • Opayo form integration
  • Opayo server integration
  • Opayo direct integration

Each integration method provides different levels of communication and control between the platform and website.


  • Opayo offers excellent customer support.
  • It is easy to use, set up and integrate with Shopify websites
  • The pricing plan starts from £25 per month
  • Reliable and secure customer transactions

6. is the best payment gateway for Shopify. It is simple and allows online merchants to process payments conveniently – through the website, app, or manual transactions. It has a full suite of tools, including APIs, SDKs and documentation.


  • Advanced Fraud Detection Suite (AFDS)
  • Customer Information Manager (CIM) to avoid repetitive entering of payment details
  • Secure customer data storage
  • Monthly gateway: $25 and no setup fee
  • Up-to-date card information to avoid lost sales and payment interruptions
  • Data migration assistance
  • Digital invoicing & eCheck payments
  • Instant addition of “Buy Now” or “Donate” button to the website
  • Supports international transactions

The evolution of eCommerce is highly dependent on trust and internet. Thanks to the growing innovations and technology, the access to shop online has been enhanced.

Without trust, the rise of eCommerce industry would have been nonexistent. Payment gateways play an important role in gaining customers’ trust as well as merchants’ confidence.

They make sure safe transaction for both parties with just a few clicks of a button. Shopify website development company also provide solutions like customized payment gateways that are perfect for all types of eCommerce stores.

With such facilities, making payments online has become simpler and more secure than ever before.

Wrapping up,

We hope this list of the best payment gateway for Shopify helps you leverage your online business.

Remember, a good and trustworthy payment gateway can boost your conversions and sales.

Also see to that, it is easy to integrate, accepts multiple payment options, provides fraud management, offers recurring billing and processes payment faster.

Choose a payment method for your Shopify store based on your business type and needs.

Need more help? Reach out to the experts today.

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