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Microframe Corporation is the industry leader in Visual-Pager Systems. Established in 1986, Microframe has been designing and manufacturing a variety of LED displays and systems for more than 3 decades. Microframe’s expert design, engineering, and production teams are authorities in all facets of LED display, design and fabrication.

The continued growth and expansion of products and new markets has not lessened Microframe’s integrity, personal touch with customers, and vision to create well-designed displays.

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What we did?

  • Security
  • Predictive Search
  • Address Auto-population
  • Performance Optimization
  • Amazon Pay
Microframe Corp

Performance speed optimization

For great business performance

Amazon pay

For safe payment transactions

Security patches

To ensure the website’s safety

Microframe Corp

Security patches to keep the site safe

We implemented predictive search and address auto-population to ensure great shopping experience. We also integrated Amazon Pay to ensure a quick and safe payment experience for customers. We implemented security patches to keep the site safe from hackers.

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