eCommerce for music industry

A musical website orchestrated using Magento.

Magento eCommerce for music

Super-Vee is a classic online music brand offering accessories that create quality acoustic effect. With years of experience, the brand knows how to enhance string instruments to offer a soothing music that listeners would love.

The product line of Super-Vee includes tremolo systems, guitars, essential parts and accessories of various musical instruments.

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What we did?

  • One Page Checkout
  • Amazon Pay
  • Apply Security Patch
Super Vee

One page checkout

For faster payment experience

Amazon pay

For safe payment transactions

Security patches

To ensure the eCommerce website’s safety

Super Vee

Security patches to keep the site safe

We implemented one-page checkout feature to ensure hassle-free shopping. For a zippy and safe payment experience we integrated Amazon Pay. We added security patches to fortify the site from hacks.

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