eCommerce marketing for a high quality warming gear

Making the best use of google shopping ads – 7X ROI

Google shopping ads drive incredible sales

The company is a famous manufacturer of super-rugged fleece warming parkas for all kinds of water athletes. Their products are the most functional and hardcore piece of gear. Ever since 2007, they have been selling their products online and have built an excellent reputation.

Google shopping ads allowed the client to increase their online sales but not to their targetted numbers. With us on their side, they were able to attain an ROI of 7X compared to the previous months.

What we did?

  • Devised The Google Shopping Ads
  • Wrote Title & Descriptions
  • Sourced & Optimized Images
  • Setup The Ad Campaigns

Image Sourcing

Sourced Relevant Images

Content Optimization

Wrote Title & Descriptions

Increase in Sales

Increase Sales Through Google Shopping Ads


Google Shopping Ads Optimization

Online customers click away from irrelevant shopping ads. Many companies create Shopping ads intending to reach out to the right recipients to increase their sales. Not all the time, they are successful and need expert guidance for attaining the desired results.

The results of this Google Shopping ads campaign proved to be very valuable for the client. With the relevant messages and the right set of audiences to target, the sales numbers touched new heights. These results can be replicated in any vertical; we need to create timely and relevant Google Shopping Ads.

Our Google Shopping Ads increased online sales by seven-folds.

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