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Magento Training In Atlanta

Our team of Magento developers and conversion rate optimization experts knows what it takes to have a successful eCommerce website. We’ve seen what works, what doesn’t and what makes life easier for our clients. Because of our years of experience, we offer detailed, comprehensive and fun Magento eCommerce training classes!

Our Magento Training Classes

We focus our classes on two types of Magento users:

  • The System Admin: Individual that keeps the site up and running, ensuring site performance is optimal.
  • Marketer/Merchant: Individual that markets the site, tracks sales, runs email campaigns and the overall day to day editor of the site.

With that in mind, here’s what you’ll learn with our Magento trainings.

Our Magento Training Classes
System AdminMarketer Merchant
Magento Site PerformanceBasic Magento CRO
Magento Code AuditingEmail/Drip Campaigns
Magento ConfigurationeCommerce SEO
Magento OptimizationMagento Admin Portal
Magento CustomizationMagento Reporting/Tracking
Magento Future-ProofingMagento Personalization
Magento CRO Training

Magento CRO Training

We have built our own SaaS tool for Magento Conversion Rate Optimization. We dive deep into Magento CRO to answer how to: Reduce bounce rates, decrease shopping cart abandonment, increase engagement and more!

Find out more about our Magento CRO training:

Magento CRO Track1 Day Class2 Day Class
Homepage Optimizationxx
Navigation Optimizationxx
Search Optimizationxx
Product Page Optimizationxx
Advanced Analyticsx
Checkout Optimizationx
Cart Abandonment Reductionx
Magento Personalizationx

Magento Training Costs

Our Magento classes are very thorough, actionable and fun! Below is our standard pricing for each class. For custom-tailored classes, the prices will vary.

System Admin$1000
Magento CRO$1,200

About Our Magento Classes

Our classes will primarily focus on Magento 1.9 – 2.0. Our classes are usually 1 to 2 day sessions, running from 9am-5pm. We charge per person, per training session. Our class sizes are usually very small and intimate, so you get a lot of great knowledge! For all classes, we do expect you to have some knowledge of Magento, development and SEO. We cater each session to your skill level, but if don’t even know what Magento is or how to SEO works, that’s a different story.

Classes can be held remotely, at your business or in Our Office In Atlanta!

Our portfolio

From an interactive and attractive user interface to a robust and fully functional eCommerce, The Commerce Shop has developed world-class eCommerce websites to help clients meet their business goals.

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