10 Killer Cart Recovery Hacks To Transform Your Shopping Cart Into A Conversion Engine

TheCommerceShopNovember 17, 2023 | Posted by: Sundar


We know how difficult it can be to run an eCommerce business, manage multiple teams, and streamline marketing efforts, sales, and customer service effectively. For all these efforts to bear fruit, it is important that your website needs to be conversion-ready.

The eCommerce customer journey funnel has different stages. Many websites start well at the top funnel and gradually lose the game as they narrow down the funnel. This is because their website is not thoroughly optimized for conversions.

Improving your eCommerce conversions is an extensive process, and it takes end-to-end and consistent optimization of the user experience. The shopping cart being at the bottom-most part of the funnel can make or break your conversions.

Providing a seamless and enjoyable shopping cart and checkout experience is essential for engaging and converting customers. This blog lists ten tried-and-tested hacks that can help you build an enticing and compelling shopping cart.

1. Save cart

2. Wishlists

3. Remind me later

4. Live inventory update

5. ‘Back in stock’ notification

6. Cart recovery emails

7. Push notifications

8. Personalized surprises

9. Price drop alerts

10. Different types of special deals

#1 Save Cart

Customers who add products to their carts but are not ready to make a purchase at that moment must be provided with an option to save their shopping carts for later. This time-saver feature helps customers keep track of their selected items and gives them the flexibility to make purchases at their convenience. This feature helps turn abandoned carts into saved carts.

#2 Wishlists

Implementing wishlists is another great technique to keep customers coming back. Besides saving the entire cart, customers need an option to save their favorite products for future purchases. Wishlists act as a great tool for passive conversions, contributing to a 17.5% growth in cart recovery rates.

#3 Remind Me Later

Shoppers need to be reminded of the products in their wishlists and saved carts. Provide them with an option to set reminders for their saved items. This feature ensures they don’t forget about the products they’re considering and enhances the chances of conversions without being pushy.

#4 Live Inventory Update

It is essential to keep customers informed about the real-time stock availability of a product. Displaying the stock availability information can create a sense of urgency and motivate quicker purchasing decisions when a product is in high demand, low in stock, or about to run out of stock.

#5 ‘Back in Stock’ Notification

Having the option to sign up for notifications when a previously out-of-stock item becomes available again helps keep customers coming back to your store without losing them to your competitors.

#6 Cart Recovery Emails

Cart abandonment is one of the most common challenges every eCommerce store faces. Sending automated emails to customers who have abandoned their shopping carts can low-key entice them back to complete their purchases. Ensure that these emails gently remind customers of the products they had abandoned in their carts in a very personalized and compelling tone.

#7 Push Notifications

Utilizing push notifications (both mobile app and website) to keep customers informed about new deals on wishlists, back-in-stock items, and saved or abandoned carts can drive immediate action and boost sales. These push notifications can be delivered on both mobile and desktop devices. It has been studied that eCommerce stores that send strategic push notifications to mobile devices witness a 19% growth in conversions.

#8 Personalized Surprises

Many successful brands collect customer information like their birthdays and anniversaries during registration. They utilize this information to send personalized email greetings on special occasions to make their customers feel valued. As an eCommerce store owner, you can collect these special days to send personalized offers. This not only enhances conversions and sales but also builds customer loyalty. Here are a few examples of personalized surprises:

  • 29% Offer on Your 29th Birthday
  • Flat 45% Offer on ‘Kid Collections’ – on your kid’s birthday week
  • Buy Couple Collections & Save 25% on Your Anniversary
  • Exclusive ‘PRIDE’ Week Offer for Members of LGBTQIA+ Community

#9 Price Drop Alerts

Providing customers with an option to get notified when there is a special deal or a price drop for their favorite products can drastically improve conversions. This is a win-win for both you and your shoppers. Besides sending subscribed price drop alerts, you can also notify of drops in prices for saved carts, abandoned carts, and wishlist items.

#10 Different Types of Special Deals

Deals and discounts are always a great way to boost sales. Offer a variety of special offers and deals to cater to different customer preferences. This can include:

  • Timed discounts on products in the cart: Encourage immediate purchases by incentivizing customers with timed discounts on items currently in the cart.
  • Offers on second purchases: Motivate your customers to make subsequent purchases by providing discounts on their second purchases.
  • Offers on recurring orders: Based on the nature of the products, introduce subscription services at special prices for customers who commit to regular purchases from your store. This works best for industries like fashion, health and wellness, groceries, apparel, etc., where the chances of recurrent purchases of specific products are higher. This enhances both customer retention and long-term revenue.

Closing Thoughts

By integrating these ten hacks, you can create a compelling and action-driven shopping cart experience that keeps customers coming back to complete more purchases. And the best part is—these features not only enhance conversions instantly but also contribute to increased brand reputation and improved customer lifetime value.



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