How to maximize conversions on your eCommerce category page

Category pages have just one job. Help shoppers find the product of their choice in minimal clicks. But it is easier said than done. Category pages are the major navigation points of eCommerce sites and play a vital role in shaping user experiences.

People who visit your site already have a clear idea of what they want. Or would like to cherry pick before zeroing in on a product. Have your buyer intent in mind before creating category pages.

The goal of your category pages should be to make them reach their destinations without confusing or tiring them with endless redirects.

Having a large inventory adds another of complexity. How do showcase products without overwhelming visitors?

Follow these 10 tips to improve user experience on your category pages quickly:

  • Contextually relevant and sharp images about products increase engagement. Add a strong information slant to product descriptions.
  • Powerful CTA buttons for each products will guide visitors deeper into the sales funnel.

    Powerful CTA

  • The broadest and main categories should form the primary heading of the menu. Allocate prime navigation space for bestselling products.
  • Use the serial position effect to your advantage. Place important top selling products in the first or last position of product lists.
  • Like Amazon, use pop-out subcategories that appear when a user hovers over primary categories. It is a space saver and makes products easily discoverable.

    Filters & Reviews

  • Ensure parent categories are clickable and direct users to a page.
  • Adding reviews in category pages usually lead to an instant order bump. 63% of shoppers look for reviews before a purchase.
  • Use category names that are descriptive. Vague or broad category names confuse shoppers. Example: Capabilities.
  • Use card sorting and user testing. Don’t rely on guesses or gut instinct.
  • Optimize product filters. Adding product filters such as price, color, price points etc are proven to improve conversions by 20%.

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