Take these 4 eCommerce Audits for Dramatic Results

No matter whether your eCommerce store is performing successfully or not, you have a lot to be done from your end. You can’t sit there idle letting your business flow as per its luck.

An eCommerce website audit is a great way to manage your business consistently. Auditing your business helps you keep an eye on what’s happening in and around it and track the overall results.

Audits get you an overview of the performance, assist you in tuning up your store with a series of maintenance procedures, spot new opportunities, eliminate unnecessary elements, improvise and add new features.

What does an overall eCommerce audit tell you?

A simple audit can get you a lot of details in various aspects.

  • Platform: Whether you’re on the right platform with the right features? Is your platform secure and stable? What other technologies can you explore?
  • Performance: How your site is performing during normal times and peak traffics? Checks on bounce rate, site speed, conversion rate, etc.
  • UX: How effective is your UX? What third-party technologies can be utilized? What are customer experience priorities?
  • Finance: Are you investing in the right areas? What is the best ROI? On which component should you invest more?
  • Security: What are the vulnerabilities in your eCommerce site? What loopholes exist for cyberattacks? and more.

In this blog, we shall discuss 4 vital laser-focused eCommerce audits that wouldn’t let you miss an opportunity after this.

#1: SEO Audit

95% of users check only the first page for results while searching. eCommerce SEO is the process that can get your estore listed on the top of searches, more visible in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

When shoppers make a search about the product you’re selling, SEO increases the possibility that your online store ranks first. This way you bring more traffic to your website – More traffic means better sales!

This makes SEO audit paramount for your business.

SEO Audit

An SEO audit helps you figure out the scientific art of optimizing your eCommerce website around specific keywords to rank higher in SERP.

An effective SEO audit can expose you to a great deal of information that you really need to improve your traffic such as,

  • Where does your business stand in SEO?
  • Where are your competitors showing up?
  • What is your on-page SEO score?
  • Is your site secure?
  • How to manage crawl errors?
  • What are the keyword rankings and opportunities?
  • What’s your page load speed?
  • How to draw insights from competitors’ data?
  • What’s your site missing in terms of SEO and how to handle it?
  • Are there duplicate product pages? and more.

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#2: Content Audit

Rich content engages users and inspires them to explore and buy more. By applying the right content strategy you can boost sales with ease.

Researches state 72% of marketers believe that content marketing increases engagement and 60% of B2C marketers commit to content marketing.

Content Audit

In most cases, content marketing focuses on micro-conversions such as making the users visit pages, subscribe to newsletters, or join the community. A solid eCommerce content marketing strategy is made of,

  • Goals & objectives
  • SEO
  • User-generated content
  • Taxonomy & classification
  • Descriptions & third-party content
  • Editorial
  • Governance
  • Social media

Now, a content audit is all about cataloging and analyzing all this content in your website, along with its performance. By analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities in your content, you get a chance to optimize your website, enhancing customer experience.

The complexity of the audit depends on the number of factors considered. However, the 4 fundamental elements are,

  • SEO-friendly Content
  • Conversion-focused CTAs
  • Content Consistency
  • Content structure for easy navigation

A thorough audit gives you a better perspective on your content efforts. It discovers new opportunities to enhance your search engine presence. By optimizing the content, you fine-tune your content strategy empowering the business’ future.

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#3: Website Design Audit

Regular website design audits help in maintaining your business’s visual branding elements modern and fresh. It enables you to stay in trend with style. A design audit is a great chance for a reality check and to make upgrades.

Website Design Audit

There are multiple intuitive metrics to validate a website design. Inconsistencies in your design may convey a different message to users, confusing their behavior on your site.

Why your eCommerce site needs a sophisticated design audit?

  • Design audit pushes you to fix the errors in your website design, improve consistency in visuals, and review your typography, fonts, style guide, etc.
  • It evaluates the different dimensions of your eCommerce site and reveals features that need restructuring.
  • It suggests factual methods to improve customer experience.
  • Design audits encourage you to enhance the user experience by identifying gaps in the user journey, shortening the path to purchase, and improving accessibility and navigation.
  • It asses the functionalities of your site and improvises elements such as visual design, navigation, tone, and the overall presentation.
  • Design audit also powers your conversion metrics by spotting and fixing responsive issues and improving speed to load pages faster.
  • It also helps in finding opportunities to reduce cart abandonment rate and bounce rate.

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#4: CRO Audit

At the end of the day, it’s the conversion that matters. There is no point in driving huge chunks of traffic to your site if it doesn’t convert. Thus, to maximize the number of users who convert into customers you need to focus on several aspects of your eCommerce site.

CRO Audit

CRO Audit identifies the pain points of your users that are stopping them from making a successful transaction. It also discovers different ways to optimize your site’s performance.

4 Key CRO audit target areas

First impression: How quickly does the site load without any bugs or errors? How is the website’s performance on other mobile devices? How does the site work on unstable data connections?

Navigation: Website layout, headlines, categorization, page to page navigation, placement of popups, CTAs, elements of lead generation, and more.

Main section: This is the most valuable real estate for marketing. Information structure, strategical presentation of the product listing (filtering, sorting, & discoverability), product copy, and images matter. Hero headline and CTA are the center of attention as per eye-tracking heat maps.

Footer: Include high-level categories, utility links such as shipping and return policies, privacy policies, terms & conditions, or FAQs, company links and details, referral/rewards programs, and business contact details.

So now, if you’re curious what your website’s current conversion rate is, feel free to check it!


On the whole, regular audits are crucial to keeping your estore machine running effectively.

The eCommerce website audit is the decisive part of your future planning – It’s a must for various reasons. So make sure you evaluate all aspects of your website to accelerate results.

Fixing your mistakes, repeating the good, and updating for the better is what your business needs to grow and flourish.

We at The Commerce Shop are expertise in designing and developing powerful eCommerce solutions that help retailers and brands achieve their goals. So now, let’s talk about your business requirements.

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