Black Friday 2021: 13 Tactics to Tackle High eCommerce Return Rate on Consumer Electronics

Are you all set for the holiday rush?

The countdown has begun for Black Friday 2021. Sales are about to spike, so is your return rate.

Before we get into the details of the blog, let me bomb you with some eCommerce returns statistics.

  • 40% Of users buy products online with an intention to return a few.
  • Of all products ordered online, over 30% are returned. (while it’s only 8% in traditional retail).
  • About 68% of the total online returns are No-Fault Found (NFF) returns.
  • Electronic products top the category of the ‘most frequently returned products’ with 42%.

Brutal! Right?

“Too big” – “Too small” – “Hard to install” – “Hard to operate” – “Not as expected” – “Not as described”, are the major chunk of reasons said by the shoppers for returning consumer electronics and home appliances when purchased online.

Only 5% of online returns in this sector happen due to product defects or damage.

Return management in eCommerce can be hectic and tiresome. That too when it comes to electronics, we don’t have to mention.

Thus, this blog aims to expose you to some life-saving tips this holiday season that will help you tackle the aggressive repercussions of returns and make lumpsum money.

1. High-definition photos

High-quality, original photos are an obvious mention to reduce returns. Multiple angle HD photos revealing the front, back, and sides of the product will give shoppers an overall perception of what they will receive.

2. Optimized product descriptions

The precise mentioning of the dimensions, weight, specifications, material, and other details of the product help in making an informed buying decision.

3. 360-degree product video

Simple, short, 360-degree product video will make a difference. High-quality engaging visuals equip shoppers with adequate information they need – honing your listings.

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4. Killer unboxing videos

Unboxing and first look videos allow shoppers to experience the thrill and excitement of owning the product and how it looks in hand even before purchasing it.

5. Informational Product tutorials

Complete product tutorial videos on “How to install?”, “How to use or operate?”, or “How the product works” will educate buyers before and after the purchase reducing no-fault found (NFF) return rates.

6. Flawless onboarding process

A vigilant onboarding process will get the first few moments ‘right’ for your customers with the product. This can have a huge snowball effect leading to higher customer retention.

7. Invest in reviews

Analyzing reviews is the simplest way to avoid returns and know your customers better. Investing some time in reviews can unlock various perspectives of customers and their experiences.

8. Result-oriented surveys

Surveys can help you know where you’re going wrong exactly. Reaching out for your customer’s feedback, both positive and negative, assists in identifying your strengths and weaknesses.

9. Clearly communicated return policy

Clearly communicated return policies can prove to be a win-win solution for both. Return exemptions for discounted items, seals broken, or ones with no bills can save you a ton.

10. Segmented approach

Classifying the returners as unsatisfied customers, trend victims, sale seekers and more, and handling them accordingly with strict return policies and procedures will bring down repetitive returns.

11. Augmented reality

Implement augmented reality for a virtual try-on. This allows the shoppers to virtually try the product in their real-time environment and purchase if satisfied.

12. Increase period of return

Expanding the period of return gives customers more time to be the product, adjust or blend with it. This can lower no-fault found returns to a greater extent.

13. Adapt data-driven e-mails

Data-driven e-mails will surprise you with their results. Emails that resonate with the recipients, let them know that you’re always around to help. This provokes positive reactions and retention.


Return behavior of consumers can be highly infectious, killing your conversion rate, reputation, profits, and in the end your business. Try implementing the above-mentioned approaches this holiday season to handle your eCommerce return rates.

If you need more insights don’t hesitate to talk to our experts today.