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What’s your current Conversion Rate (CR)? How much could your revenue increase if you invested in some eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)? Try our CRO Calculator to see just how much money you could be making.

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Try to be as accurate as you can. All of this information should be in your Google Analytics account. Contact your marketing team to help get the numbers.

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Industry Standard CR: 3%

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Sample Graph
Sample Graph

Your CRO Results

Thanks for trying our CRO Calculator! Here’s what it all means.

  • Monthly Conversion Rate/Sales Table: This shows you how your numbers compare, per month, to the industry eCommerce average of 3% conversion rate (CR).
  • Graph A: This is your # of sales (with your current conversion rate). If you increased your CR, this is what your # of sales/month would look like!
  • Graph B: This is your monthly sales (with your current conversion rate). If you increased your CR (multiplying your new # of sales x Avg Sales Per Item), this is how much more revenue you’d make per month!

Wow! What a lot to take in. Need help interpreting the data? Fill out the form below and our

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