How much a Shopify website is going to cost?

How much a Shopify website is going to cost?

Shopify is the preferred choice for most eCommerce startups and retailers. It is uncomplicated and scalable. Are you planning to start an online store or migrate to Shopify? You’re making a choice that millions of eCommerce businesses make everyday.

Are you looking to know more on shopify website cost? Read more on this blog to know the exact cost estimation.

The Shopify platform is easily customizable and a highly reliable eCommerce platform. Let’s see how much it would cost to get your shop up and running.

1.Basic Shopify website

The basic Shopify plan starts at $29. You can create a no-frills website without external apps or extensions. But the success of your eCommerce business depends on the sweat equity you are willing to put in. You need to incest close to $1000 to design your storefront and invest in marketing.

  • For the basic plan you get an eCommerce store + blog
  • List unlimited products
  • Avail of manual order creation
  • Create upto 2 staff accounts
  • The transaction fee of 2% is higher when compared to the other plans

But wait, these are just the plan costs. You need to factor domain registration, registration and maintenance costs. The cost of a small custom Shopify store can come up to $500.

Basic Shopify Website

2. Shopify website

The Shopify plan starts at $79 and comes with a host of benefits. It is for eCommerce store owners who are looking for a customizable platform with added staff accounts.

  • Get advanced reports that are not available in the basic plan
  • Get third party calculated shipping rates
  • The transaction is also lower at just 1%

For small and medium businesses the cost of a customized store can be a little higher. It is impossible to ignore design and development costs for a full-fledged Shopify store. It can cost anywhere between $2000 to $5000 to set up a medium sized, stable and customized Shopify store.

3. Advanced Shopify

The advanced Shopify plan is the preferred choices for businesses looking to scale. It offers a lot of flexibility and in-built capabilities that can support and improve your business growth. Let’s look at all the advantages it offers. The Advanced Shopify price is $299.

  • You can create 15 staff accounts so your business can run seamlessly.
  • The shipping charges are .5% which means you save a lot on shipping costs.
  • You can also send gift cards to customers.
  • You can view advanced reports in the Advanced Reports Builder.

A large scale business requires a lot of features to support high volume sales and velocity. There are a lot of additional cost drivers that need to be considered such as shopping carts, plug ins and customizations.

The average cost of a large-scale eCommerce store powered by Shopify, costs upwards of $30,000.

Advanced Shopify

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Shopify development costs

The cost of a Shopify developer significantly varies according to the experience and expertise they bring to the table. The hourly rate comes up to $50-$200 an hour.

  • What elements can change development costs
  • The version of your Shopify account
  • Customization required
  • Design themes to be implemented
  • Number of integrations and extensions required
  • Hours of support required
  • Maintenance and upgrade costs

Store cost components you must consider…

  • Domain name registration
  • SSL certification. (Your customers are going to expect it)
  • Copywriting and imagery
  • Transactional fees
  • Development and documentation costs

Shopify is quickly becoming the go-to platform for online stores. With no complex coding and an integrated suite of shop management tools, new shop owners can start building their store with ease and confidence.

Once you’ve set your shop up on Shopify, you can re-design to match the branding and theme of your shop. Whether it’s a few tweaks or complete overhaul, shopify web development company have the knowledge and expertise to make it happen.

With many features like auto-scaling and cloud hosting, Shopify is a preferred choice for etailers that need powerful yet flexible shop management tools that can grow as they do. So, if you’re ready to kickstart your shop, now is the best time to join the millions of other eCommerce businesses who use this world-class platform.

What is the cost to maintain a Shopify site?

eCommerce site development is not a one and done thing. You need to maintain it regularly to get the best results. Otherwise your storefront would look outdated and there’s also the risk of security issues.

Installing security patches, working on the design and re energizing your Shopify website often is mandatory.

The standard cost of Shopify maintenance at TheCommerceShop is $80 for websites developed by us. We charge $125 per hour for websites that aren’t developed by our team.

If you have questions or need assistance of any kind please touch base with us.

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