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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Magento 2 Migration?

Magento 2, the cutting-edge open-source e-commerce platform, has been gaining significant traction in the digital marketplace due to its unparalleled scalability, robust security, and extensive customizability. Its growing popularity can be attributed to the rich feature set, flexibility, and enhanced functionality that it offers, making it the preferred choice for an increasing number of businesses.

As support for Magento 1 ceased in June 2020, migrating to Magento 2 has become imperative for businesses that wish to stay ahead in the e-commerce landscape. Contrary to popular belief, the migration process is far from daunting, and can be executed with relative ease. According to a report by Adobe, Magento’s parent company, the transition to Magento 2 offers significant benefits in terms of performance and user experience. Delve deeper to discover the most salient advantages and potential drawbacks of transitioning to Magento 2.

Elevate Your E-commerce Game: 11 Compelling Benefits Of Migrating To Magento 2

There are a wide range of benefits of Magento 2. The top advantages that explain why Magento 2 migration is beneficial are listed below:

  • Modern Technology Stack
    In comparison to Magento 1, which utilizes PHP 5 version, Magento 2 platform is relatively different as it uses PHP 7 version. Also, Magento 2 uses modern and the most advanced software such as Symfony, Composer, HTML 5, JQuery, Apache, CSS 3, Twig, Nginx, MySQL, Gulp, etc. Due to that, Magento 2 migration is known for its high-end performance.
  • Robust SEO
    Another advantage of Magento 2 migration is that this platform is equipped with a whole set of SEO features. It offers suffixes, prefixes, canonical tags, superior snippets, SEO-friendly URLs, and many more. In addition, Magento 2 includes XML/HTML sitemaps for better SEO. To conclude, Magento 2 migration is highly beneficial in terms of SEO as it helps websites get better rankings in search engine results.
  • Practical Admin Interface
    The admin interface is one of the vital factors when handling numerous items. Magento 2 migration has a user-friendly and detailed admin panel. It also has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature, making it a breeze to set up goods. Besides that, it is also possible to modify the admin panel to match your personalized requirements.
  • Mobile Optimization
    Magento 2 is developed keeping the mobile optimization factor in mind. It indicates that websites that are developed using Magento 2 can seamlessly offer a high-quality mobile experience for users, leading to an increase in the conversion rate.
  • Highly Scalable
    Magento 2 is highly scalable, and it can scale your company to the next level, which is possible due to the powerful features and flexibility of the platform. Besides that, Magento 2 can also control massive traffic for quickly thriving companies in various sectors.
  • Premium-quality Extensions
    Coming to Magento 2, the quality of all ea j and every third-party extension is inspected and examined in detail. It ensures that the Magento 2 extensions are of high quality and ensures high-end security. In addition to that, there are plenty of premium-quality Magento 2 extensions in the marketplace.
  • Fewer Database Breakdowns
    When compared to Magento 1, which arrives with a sole database for admins, developers, and users, Magento 2 includes a separate database like fields for checkouts, item information, orders, etc. Because of this split approach, it reduces the chances of database overloading. In addition to that, it assists in reducing the load during product checkout, order management, surfing, and other processes.
  • Enhanced Checkout Process
    Magento 2 has an enhanced checkout process that takes user experience to another level. It is because this platform features a curtailed two-step checkout method, email admission of regular users, fast purchase options, and many more. In comparison to Magento 1, Magento 2 offers nearly 38% faster guest checkout on average.
  • Payment Gateways
    Currently, Magento 2 includes some well-known payment gateways such as PayPal, Braintree, Authorize.net, and many more. It indicates that it is no longer required to buy and incorporate third-party extensions for these payment options
  • Enhanced Performance
    One of the primary benefits of Magento 2 migration is improved speed and performance. Enhanced caching, image compression tools, PHP 7 backing, and combined JavaScript are a few elements that lead to enhanced speed and performance. Because of that, it improves user experience, enriches SEO results, decreases website bounce rates, and many more.
  • Budget-friendly
    Generally, the Magento Community Edition is open-source and totally free to use. Even though migration costs a bit, the expenses associated with Magento 2 migration are competitively low. In addition to that, it is a budget-friendly migration if you take the long-term perspective into accoun

Navigating the Challenges: 5 Potential Drawbacks of Migrating to Magento 2

Similar to pros, there are also a few disadvantages of Magento 2 migration that one should be aware of

  • Price Factor
    The high price is one of the major cons of Magento 2 migration. It should be noted that the community version of Magento 2 is free, but the enterprise version of Magento 2 is relatively costly.
  • Themes Cannot Be Ported
    It should be noted that you can not port themes from Magento 2 migration, regardless of whether you customized a theme or used a theme template. However, this gives you a chance to redesign your website.
  • Extensions Might Not Be Compatible
    If you used third-party Magento 1 extensions for building your site, then there are significant chances that some of those might not be compatible with Magento 2 migration.
  • Lack Of Official Support
    It is vital to remember that Magento offers no official support apart from the documentation. Because of that, only users are accountable for the Magento 2 migration, be it a failure or success.
  • Requires Technical Expertise
    Even though migrating from Magento 2 to Magento 1 is a relatively simple procedure, it needs a certain level of technical experience and effort to migrate all the existing data. Due to that, it might be necessary to hire professionals if you do not have the technical knowledge to ensure safe Magento 2 migration.

Bottom Line

Magento 2 is the best bet if you plan to migrate your existing site or create a new store because of its scalability, flexibility, enhanced website speed and performance, security, and high-end customization options. Magento 2 offers a better user experience, better search engine rankings, and better brand recognition. To sum up, Magento 2 has the capacity to help your business thrive well.



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