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Your ecommerce site can be upgraded from Magento 1 to Magento 2 at a lesser cost and time by using proper tools and process.

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The Commerce Shop is a Magento-certified eCommerce development agency helped 120+ eCommerce stores to migrate from Magento version 1 to 2. Our team uses industry’s best migration tool and modules to save time and cost in the migration.

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An answer to every migration bottleneck


I don’t want to lose customer and product data

Complete migration of your entire catalog of products. All ratings and reviews will be migrated.


What happens to my 3rd party Extensions?

M2 migration of all third party extensions. Including info such as balance in wallet, abandoned cart etc.,


Is it too expensive for me?

Lower M2 migration costs. We are affordable and transparent.


I don’t want my storefront to change

We’ll create a new storefront from scratch that is almost a mirror image of your M1 store


I don’t want to lose traffic

SEO audit and CRO best practices come baked in so you don’t lose revenue

Why migrate to Magento 2?A technological transition can significantly boost your brand

Improved performance

Built-in SEO features, improved performance and scalability

Faster checkout

50% better loading speed and 38% faster checkout than Magento 1

Secure payment gateways

Secured payment gateways and easy management of backend operations.

2 million page views

Can handle 2 million page views per hour and 123k+ orders

visual design editor

Custom themes, visual design editor and mobile-friendly features

Magento 2 migration workflow

Migration Plan

Migration Plan

Mapping Migration

Mapping Migration

Module Installation And Development

Module Installation And Development

Data Migration

Data Migration

Theme Installation And Development

Theme Installation And Development

Further Synchronization

Further Synchronization

Make Magento 2 Store Live

Make Magento 2 Store Live

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Migration from M 1 to M 2 boosts website performance

Feb 17, 2020 - An eCommerce Success Story

Migration from M 1 to M 2 boosts website performance

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Enhanced UX brings 8X increase in revenue

Dec 17, 2018 - An eCommerce Success Story

Enhanced UX brings 8X increase in revenue

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Brands powered by our eCommerce expertise

Aidan Gray
Lands' End
Good State
HiVis Supply
All Things Barbecue
Fab Habitat
Chesapeake Bay Candle
Deals All Year
Divers Supply
Get Bit Outdoors
Golden Rabbit
HomeTown Mobility
Persian Basket
W3ll People

Magento and everything in betweenIf you need the help to migrate, you are at the right place!

Magento 1 Sunset

Magento 1 Sunsets

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