How to market your eCommerce business – The A to Z marketing strategy for eCommerce brands

How to market your eCommerce business – The A to Z marketing strategy for eCommerce brands

Everyone and their brother is into the game of marketing. If you are looking for a ecommerce seo services on a marketing budget this blog is for you. Learn how to market your eCommerce business without spending an enormous amount of money.

Though marketing is a tough game it can be mastered with a little effort.

Audit your marketing efforts

Audit your marketing efforts often What are the channels that give you the most traction? Where do your customers usually engage? What are your consistent lead generation platforms? Identify and focus on them.

Break those boundaries

Break those boundaries! I just conversed with a marketer who landed his first lead through a dating site. Yes, he swiped right! Go beyond the regular social media platform and explore newer and less competitive traction channels.

Cut through the noise

Cut through the noise. There’s a lot of white noise out there. Create stellar marketing material that will help you reach your audience despite the constant, low marketing buzz following them around.

Display your strengths

Display your strengths and weaknesses. Yes, you read that right. Admit your gaffes, display your negative reviews and show your customers you make mistakes too. A brand that proclaims ‘I’m the greatest’ is a sure turn off.

Engage with customers

Engage with customers constantly. Not just when you’ve written a blog post or going to conduct a webinar.


Facebook. Yes, rockstars Facebook. eCommerce store owners have literally built multi-million dollar brands by leveraging this platform. Create a strong FB marketing strategy today.

Give back

Give back. People love brands that make them feel special. Giveaways that show them you care such as handwritten thank you notes are sure to give your customers the warm ‘ I love these guys’ vibes.

Help your community

Help your community. Do you know that some businesses have beyond the necessary to be there for their customers during these trying times. It could be discounts, free shipping or extended hours of service. Just let them know you care.


Iterate. A strong marketing strategy shouldn’t lock you into less than awesome ideas. Constantly pivot, roll with the changes and keep making changes.

Join as many user communities

Join as many user communities as possible. That is where your customers are mostly likely to flock. Be genuinely helpful. Offer support. Being the nice guy most certainly helps!

Keep it simple

Keep it simple. Follow the KISS principle. Instead of expensive and long-term marketing goals focus on small, calculated steps.

List out a clear plan

List out a clear plan. Have a promotional plan for every video, every post and every podcast you produce. A list is a handy way of staying on course.

Manage spend

Manage spend. This is the most important marketing lesson. Manage your marketing spend wisely and scope areas where you can cut back on spend.

Nurture all leads

Nurture all leads. No lead is too cold. Have a concise plan to nurture your leads. They aren’t MQLs or SQLs, they’re people. Treat them with care and respect. It is the easiest way to nurture leads.


Offers! Who doesn’t love them?! We’ve searched high and low for people who turn a deaf ear to offers and haven’t found any. Come up with cost-saving fantabulous offers often to woo and win back customers.

Create a playbook

Playbook. Create a playbook of all your best performing marketing ideas and stick to it. This way you don’t have to start from scratch every single time.

Quick and nimble beats

Quick and nimble beats any complex strategy that takes forever to download! Think on your feet. That’s what marketing is all about.

Revamp your website

Revamp your website, marketing material and pretty much every customer facing digital assets regularly. Don’t stagnate.

Sell less

Sell less, solve more. Solve your customers’ problems first and begin the conversation with the intent of opening a long-term relationship and not closing a deal.

Tell stories

Tell stories. Everybody loves a good story. It is hardwired into our brains. Sharpen your storytelling skills and communicate through them. This is the coolest way to connect with your customers.

Understand your customers

Understand your customers. Know their needs, aspirations, end goals and more. The deeper your understanding of your customers the better your marketing results will be.

Video marketing

Video marketing is in. Create short, informative and engaging videos to attract and retain customers. If video isn’t an integral part of your marketing strategy you have a second think coming.

We all have our favorite

We all have our favorite watering holes. Find out what your customers’ are. Know where they spend the most time on and be there.

X factor counts

X factor counts! What is your X factor? How do you stand apart from your competitors? What defines you? Promote your X factor aggressively to stand out.

Yesterday’s match

Yesterday’s match won’t win you today’s trophy. Brainstorm and come up with game-changing ideas often to thrive.

Zing it up

Zing it up. Add a bit of zing to your existing marketing campaigns and conduct A/B tests to know what works. Alert: Usually the ones with the added zing perform way better!!!