B2B personalization: Why AI is just the beginning…

B2B personalization: Why AI is just the beginning

Everyday we come across news of biggies like Amazon and Salesforce are creating tailored experiences for customers through AI and deep learning tools.

B2B marketers are learning how to use advanced tools and algorithms to create highly personalized customer journeys. But there is always a flipside to everything. Though machine learning and artificial intelligence make personalization sound so easy and magical, it is easy to get lost in all that glitter.

Even a well-planned personalization experience can not be called successful if the customer feels digitally stalked or doesn’t even notice the personalization effort at all! This is why technology should be the means to an end and not the end in itself.

Investing heavily in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can improve personalization efforts and help customers convert at best. But it won’t go beyond that. It will not create lasting relationships. It’ll not foster long-term relationships or enable open feedback.

Personalization efforts that are solely reliant on technology don’t put the ‘person’ in personalization and customers won’t give credit for making an effort to understand them. It will be seen as a good marketing move.

But true personalization goes beyond being a smart marketing move.

It is deeply personal and can create beautiful, warm, and lasting customer relationships.

Know how to achieve that at scale for your B2B brand.

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