Why Magento Is The Best Fit For Omnichannel Retailing

Why Magento Is The Best Fit For Omnichannel Retailing

Today’s customers are tech-savvy and well advanced in technology. When it comes to shopping, they require a connected system that eases their shopping life irrespective of their device or location.

According to a study by IDC in 2015, customers who shop across multiple channels have a 30% higher lifetime value than single channel shoppers.

Hence, it is necessary for eCommerce sites to create an omnichannel retailing experience for customers.

Your customers can now buy anytime and from anywhere. Your challenge is to make your products available according to their convenience.

When it comes to omnichannel retailing, leveraging the power of technology is essential. Magento is the ideal fit for omnichannel retailing due to its powerful features and scalability that can easily accommodate your dynamic growth needs.

With robust eCommerce solutions like order management capabilities, personalized marketing campaigns, and sophisticated analytics insights, Magento helps optimize customer experiences while driving revenue growth.

This blog post will discuss how Magento development services can help businesses build an effective omnichannel strategy through features such as enterprise-level security protocols, real-time performance monitoring toolsets, and more robust architecture design principles!

When Americans Shop

Starbucks’ reward app is a great example of rendering an omnichannel payment experience to its customers. It’s possible to reload your card through phone, website, in-store, or on the app and you have similar experience across all these channels.

Most of our clients have asked us why it’s impossible for them to create a unified shopping experience for their customers despite providing services across multiple channels. Our question: Does your eCommerce platform ensure that all your multi channel services work towards creating a unified omnichannel experience for your customers? The answer lies in choosing a smart eCommerce platform that offers customizable web options and extensions like Magento.

Magento is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms with a market share of nearly 30%. It is highly robust, regularly updated and flexible enough to extend its functionalities to many other third party systems. This is why it has become one of the top rated eCommerce platforms that deliver the best possible omnichannel features.

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Connecting Online Juggernauts Through Magento

Amazon makes an annual revenue of $60 billion; Walmart’s online sales have crossed $10 billion a year. Getting your products in top notch stores like Amazon, Walmart and Target can bring you the benefits of acquiring a wider customer base. To help you, there are many Magento extensions that will help you publish your products on these popular stores, directly.

Magento makes this possible through its massive interconnectivity and strong community presence. In such a competitive market, Magento makes it easy for you to stay ahead of your competitors. You can administer all these sites from the same backend that you use for your eCommerce store.

Magento supports multiple seller accounts, multiple market places, pure ownership of your data and products, multi currency support, real time tracking of products, inventory control and so much more to ease your multi channel selling process.

Amazon How It Works

Exploring Magento’s Social Media Extensions

Social media is one of the smartest ways to interact and engage with your customers about your products. Promoting your brands on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social platforms can convince and influence customers’ buying decisions. According to Sociable Labs, 62% of online shoppers are influenced by reviews from their Facebook friends. If you’re looking to strengthen your brand with social media, Magento’s social feeds like Pixlee, can help you in streamlining social media with your website, where you can leverage your customer data once they log in to any social channel.

Magento’s Mobile Extensions

Mobility has become more of a necessity than a trend. With the future involved in Internet of Things (IoT), staying connected across multiple devices is the need. According to Business Insider, the global mCommerce market will reach $284 billion by 2020. With Magento extensions like CouchCommerce, Mobify, etc where your customers can leverage all the benefits of mobile shopping including payment, touch security, redeeming loyalty points and much more.

Increasing Your In-store Experience

With Magento, you can fully integrate features that enable your customers to search your products online and avail pickup and delivery options, access their loyalty accounts, and streamline other services with your physical store. It helps you deliver consistent shopping experience seamlessly across channels during their shopping. Magento is much more than unifying your physical and online store experience.

It gives you insight about your inventory details across all channels, giving you complete control, access and knowledge of your inventory system, anywhere. Thus, with Magento, you get to be there for your customers across multiple channels without compromising on the experience. When you offer an omnichannel shopping experience for your customers, you realize that by influencing the each buying touch point of your customer, there’s a huge impact on your store’s conversion rates.

Want to provide a unified shopping experience to your customers? We have Magento certified developers who can help you with omnichannel retailing, instantly!