How Product Reviews Can Impact Your Conversion Rate And What You Can Do About It

How Product Reviews Can Impact Your Conversion Rate And What You Can Do About It

Online retailers are getting smarter at understanding their customers’ shopping preferences. Intelligent customer analytics tools, optimizing checkout pages, integrating with top payment gateways and much more have helped online retailers convert potential customers.

With the industry becoming more customer-centric, online retailers are now focusing on elements like customer/product reviews that can influence the customer’s buying decision. This is because customers have become savvier than before and prefer to thoroughly research before they decide to buy any product or services online.

Here are a few strong stats to show you how product reviews influence the customer’s decisions:

  • According to MarketingProfs, 85% of customers proceed to buy only after reading online reviews.
  • 63% of customers prefer to buy from sites that have product ratings and reviews.
  • Only 1% of customers consider product reviews as not important during their purchase.
  • 87% of customers check reviews for both online and brick-and-mortar purchases.

Why Do You Need Product Reviews?

Customers form an opinion about a product before they buy from you. It’s only your product reviews that have the power to change their decisions and also provide a platform to voice their opinions. It builds trust and your customers feel confident to make repeat purchases from you over a period of time. According to Bazaarvoice, customers relied on and trusted reviews three times more than brand advertising. Product reviews tend to:

  • Build trust and credibility
  • Increases repeat customers
  • Can greatly impact a brand’s reputation
  • Are highly recommended for SEO as it improves rankings by generating fresh and unique content
  • Help you improve your products based on customer feedback

Ways To Get Customer Reviews Your Product

Getting customers to review your product is a difficult task, but the ROI of each review is huge. Here’s how you can get your customers review products:

1. Make It Obvious

Don’t hide your review buttons. Make it obvious across all your product pages so that it’s easy for customers to compare or review your products. Take a look at Kiddicare’s product page. When customers are in your product page, they become more confident upon seeing the ratings and reviews that are attached to each product. They also have a separate section for viewing top rated products so that customers don’t have to waste any time in looking for what’s best on their site.

Kiddicare's Product Page

2. Using Tools To Send Personalized Messages

Personalization is an important factor to get customers attention. Unlike the past, you have several tools that can help filter customers based on their purchase and even send them customized emails. This is especially effective while sending post-purchase emails. Some of the tools also include analytics and reminders that help you in segmenting your customers and reminding them to complete their product review. Some of the best tools for this: TargetBay, Review Kick and Yotpo all will help you manage your review system better. These tools help you to increase customer engagement, result in improved conversions and traffic to your website.

Finally, take a look at how Amazon automates review emails to their customers to review their past purchases.

Amazon Automates Review Emails

Tip: Keep It Simple

Try to get customers to write brief reviews on product pages, just like how Amazon does. Detailed reviews are better, but take what you can get. Further, you can also mention how many customers found the review useful. This makes customers confident, less confused and improves the content quality and relevancy on comments.

Product Reviews

Likewise, most customers don’t like wasting time writing a comprehensive review. They’d rather be happy if you simply ask them to rate or give your score card for the product in your review emails. Your review email works best when you include all these elements and make it less complicated for customers to rate or provide their reviews. Check another example by Mystore, who wants customers to simply rate their product without any typing!

Customer's Rating

3. Using Social Media To Gain Feedback And Reviews

Social media has become the most important platform for customers to express their thoughts about your brand. Many online stores are forced to respond to customer’s concerns and opinions because of the impact it can create on their business. While this holds true, you can convert social media as a powerful platform to ask customers to review products. Tools mentioned above can also be used to integrate your social media accounts to monitor customer activities. Using sentiment analysis tools like Facebook Insights, Tweetstats, and Hootsuite, you can measure your customer’s opinion about your product and ask them to vouch for you in your social media page.

Reviews and ratings help you build a strong community for you and your customers. It’s important to establish your brand among your customers and ease their buying decisions. For this, setting up a solid review/rating system is the key.

When you make the whole buying process simple and appealing, you end up converting your traffic into customers. Moreover, you don’t simply lose customers just because they’re uninformed or confused about your products.

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