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Free Socila Media Audit

  • 30+ Critical Success Factors Included. We guarantee the most comprehensive Free Social Audit of all.
  • Combines the power of Social Media tools and human expertise
  • Audited by Certified experts
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  • 1000+ Audits Delivered Successfully

What’s Covered in this Free Social Media Audit?

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The Commerce Shop’s Social Media Audit helped create a social media strategy to increase brand awareness.

Maria B

Maria B,
eCommerce Store Owner

The detailed analysis report from the certified experts of The Commerce Shop helped our brand engagement.


Digital Marketing Manager

The free Social Media audit gave us a sense of direction in our social media campaigns, we were able to get increased engagement for our brand!

Peter Paul

Peter Paul,
Brand Manager

The Free Social Media Audit is a must-take to analyze your Social Media strategies and accounts on multiple platforms to understand exactly what should be done next.

Jason Parker

Jason Parker,
SEO & Outreach Manager

Ecommerce Brands That Improved Traffic Started Off With An Social Media Audit

  • Tiger Friday’s revenue increased by 72.72% with Social Media Management within 3 months!
  • Social Media Management services enabled Gift Catholics to increase ROI by 150.64%
  • Improving the ROI for Allied Motors by 44.24% by Social Media Management


Increased ROI


Increased Revenue


Increased Spend


Increased ROI


Increased Revenue


Increased Spend


Increased ROI


Increased Revenue


Increased Spend

Our Guarantees

Increase Average Order Size

Increase Average Order Size

Decrease Cost Per Customer Acquisition

Decrease Cost Per Customer Acquisition

Increase CTR% and CRO%

Increase CTR% and CRO%

Save 70-80% On Your Ad Spend

Save 70-80% On Your Ad Spend

Minimum 50% Or More Revenue Growth

Minimum 50% Or More Revenue Growth

Our Social Media Audit Covers 30+ Factors

  • Engagement Quality
  • Publishing metrics
  • Audience demographics
  • Referral traffic
  • Channel-specific metrics
  • Bid Strategy
  • Optimization Delivery
  • Tracking Events
  • Conversion API Status
  • Catalog Datafeed
  • Website Conversions

Frequently Asked Questions

The reach and engagement, and other interactions, as well as the top-performing posts and their respective audiences, can all be compiled in a social media audit. You can then use this information to optimize your social media marketing strategies and boost your company’s ROI. There are more technical factors like Engagement Quality, Publishing metrics, Audience demographics, Referral traffic, Channel-specific metrics, and Bid Strategy that help you understand your account on a deeper level.

You should audit your social media account once every 15 days due to the ever-changing algorithms, strategy policies, and content policies. It will keep your account’s health in good condition.

Several fundamentals make up the bulk of any social media audit. There should be breakdowns showing things like who is viewing your content, what content is performing well, how well your ads are doing, and more. It is not recommended that you try to fix the problems that come forward in your Social Media Audit as you may need a social media expert to take care of all the technical errors in your Social Media audit.

It is recommended to check your account after 24 to 48 hours after you have fixed all errors. Once you have fixed the errors shown in the audit you should check your account’s engagement. Apart from that, you can check the ads campaigns, Page views, and Impressions.

Simply navigate to the Commerce Manager’s Account Health tab to view your account’s performance data. You may use the dashboard to monitor the performance of your Facebook and Instagram e-commerce pages. You can choose a time range to examine specific stats.

Ads can get rejected mostly based on creativity, ad copy, and sharing someone else’s URL to promote your ad campaigns. Another reason why your ads might get rejected is due to restricted categories or restrictive content & creatives.

There are different types of placements in the Meta Ads, including Feed, Stories/Reels, and search results.

Image dimensions must be at least 600*600 pixels on the smallest side.

It is suggested that images be no less than 1080 pixels in width and height. There are no size limitations at all.

Each Carousel Ad can have between two and ten cards.

1:1 or 16:9 is the ideal picture proportion.

Yes, because it will give more information about the reason we are initiating the sponsored ad to convey the message.

Select Page Quality from the More tab at the top of your Facebook page to see how well-maintained your page is. Then you can check to see if any quality concerns have been raised about your page.

Yes, we have the option to create a direct call campaign. Call advertising is a great way to get customers to call in and make appointments, inquire about products and services, or place orders. A call ad is an image or video that displays beside a “Call now” button. From your Facebook Page, you may make a very basic form of a call ad.

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