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In the digital market, it is more important than ever that online shoppers have an engaging experience when they visit your eCommerce site. Creating an eCommerce site that is simple, flexible, and powerful is only a small part in increasing customer engagement.

Analyzing your customer’s actions through your eCommerce site plays a huge role in the success of your business.

The Commerce Shop has developed their own custom analytic tools that help you track your customer’s visits so that you can make better decisions based on this information. We can also help you successfully integrate shipping, CRM, ERP, servers, and more.

Improve Conversion Rates

Many eCommerce sites have issues with shopping cart abandonment. Our custom analytic tools will help you knowwhen, how and why customers abandoned their shopping carts so that you can take steps to fix it.

  • Using our own custom analytic tools, you can collect the data and present it in a way that makes sense to everyone, so that you can take the right plan of action.
  • With such information, you can study and make up-selling, cross-selling and behavior selling options more personalized with your customers.
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CRM Integration

Increase Website Engagement

There are many ways that you can boost your customer retention rates. Our custom Magento developers at The Commerce Shop will increase web engagement through custom CRM integration.

We have the experience necessary for easy synchronization of your CRM to your Magento site platform. This can greatly enhanceyour customer service and increase your sales. We will work with you to create customizable ERP solutions, servers, and more in order to boost customer satisfaction and keep them coming back to your site.

Customizable Shipping Functionality

The Commerce Shop team can deliver customizable shipping options for your eCommerce site based on your specific products and needs. Real-time shipping notifications are helpful to not only customers but your staff as well. This can save your time.

Our Magento eCommerce developers will take care of building your site with key shipping functions that your business needs to succeed.

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Scalable Solutions For eCommerce Success

Our Magento developers have the ability to build your site the way you wish. We work hard towards building scalable eCommerce solutions that meet your expectations. We want to work with you to build a solution that scales with your success. From Salesforce integration to real-time shipping notifications, The Commerce Shop team has you covered.

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From an interactive and attractive user interface to a robust and fully functional eCommerce, TheCommerceShop has developed world-class eCommerce websites to help clients meet their business goals.

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