Magento & NetSuite Integration

Tearing Down The Silos

NetSuite – The #1 Cloud ERP

NetSuite is a one-stop business management suite including ERP/Financials, business accounting, CRM, and eCommerce software. By integrating Magento with NetSuite, users can eliminate the hassles of siloed systems and processes and create a unified business management system. Such a system will enhance internal efficiency, increase customer satisfaction and lower operative costs.

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Why Integrate Netsuite with Magento?

  • Products created in either NetSuite or your online stores will always be in sync
  • Orders and sales will be consistent across NetSuite and your other systems
  • Inventory prices and quantities will be aligned
  • Data for new and existing customers will be in sync
  • Reduced labor costs


Magento Netsuite Integration Features

Magento is a powerful, flexible eCommerce platform with many built-in features designed for optimal online commerce performance. Our NetSuite integration plugin will make integrating disparate ERP and eCommerce platforms simple, inexpensive, and effective through NetSuite integration.

Automatic Synchronization

Automatic synchronization of orders and make them instantly available in NetSuite upon customer checkout from a Magento store.

Smart Inventory Management

Automatic update of inventory levels and real-time stock update in Magento based on changes in NetSuite inventory management.

Connecting Multiple Magento Stores

Connect multiple Magento websites, stores and store views to a single NetSuite instance and keep adding them on the go.

Integrate Netsuite And Magento Seamlessly

We provide customized integration solutions

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