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Magento Maintenance & Support Services

Your eCommerce Store Will Break
Magento Maintenance & Support

No matter how much you prepare and document, something will go wrong with your eCommerce site. And usually at the worst time imaginable. Even the most popular eCommerce site owners need to be cautious during the peak sales time, like the holiday season. Get our round the clock expert support from our Magento support team and avail our maintenance plans to make sure your site is always up and selling!

Our Magento Maintenance Services

As an eCommerce site owner, your worst nightmare is when your site goes down – You’re literally losing money every second it’s not working. To help ensure this doesn’t happen, we offer custom Magento maintenance services and support plans.

Learn More About Our Maintenance Process And SLA

Holiday Magento Maintenance

The holidays are make or break for Magento eCommerce stores.During the holiday season, you can expect to see a surge in site traffic, cart abandonment, shipping mistakes and more.

Our custom Magento Holiday Maintenance Plans ensure your site is updated, secure and able to handle all the traffic. We also can do eCommerce CRO, page testing, stress testing and more.

Magento Monthly Maintenance Plans

10hr maintenance
(8am-5pm, M-F)

Rollover, 8am-5pm, M-F maintenance/support



20hr maintenance
(8am-5pm, M-F)

Rollover, 8am-5pm, M-F maintenance/support



30hr maintenance
(8am-5pm, M-F)

Rollover, 8am-5pm, M-F maintenance/support



40hr maintenance
(8am-5pm, M-F)

Rollover, 8am-5pm, M-F maintenance/support



Add Ons

Extended Support

Add 8am-8pm, M-F Support

Rollover, 8am-8pm, M-F maintenance/support



Add 24/7 Support

Rollover, 24/7 maintenance/support



Holiday Stress Testing

Stress testing your site to ensure it does not go down

One Time


Holiday CRO Audit

Conversion Rate Optimization report on how to increase sales

One Time


Holiday Product Page Analysis & Report

Review product page and suggest edits to increase sales

One Time


Holiday Category Page Analysis & Report

Review category page and suggest edits to increase sales

One Time




Magento Maintenance Plans

Monthly Maintenance Plans

We allocate a set number of hours per month, per week and per day to ensure your eCommerce site is running. If something does go wrong, we notify you and fix the issues ridiculously fast. This is why most of our Magento eCommerce customers find our monthly Magento support plan and maintenance services convenient and affordable.

Maintenance/Development Blend

Sometimes nothing will go wrong with your site, but many companies will still bill those maintenance hours to you. But our Magento maintenance services are different. – Any maintenance hours not utilized can be used for development projects!

Magento Maintenance and Development
24/7 Live Support

Custom Plans

Need someone on site? Maybe 24/7 live support? We have expert Magento consultants who will build out custom plans to meet your business needs. Magento’s custom eCommerce features along with our Magento support team results in a ROI driving eCommerce website that will rapidly increase the growth of your business growth.

Magento Training

We love teaching our customers how to maintain and update their Magento platform! Our Magento developers are subject matter experts who can create custom training programs, teaching our customers how to “digitally fish” so they never go hungry.

Magento Platform Training
  • Fab Habitat
  • All Things Barbecue
  • Biome360
  • Forward Powersports
  • Malabar Bay
  • Persian Basket
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