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Google product listing ads PLAs have higher CTR and Conversions

Let’s face it, everyone wants their products on the first page of a google search, and hardly anyone looks past the first page anymore. If you cannot get there by SEO alone, then you need the help of Google Shopping to showcase your products.

Over half of retailers’ Google search are now coming from product listing ads (PLA’s) and PLAs are getting 20% higher click-through-rate and higher conversion rates because shoppers land directly on the product page.

We also know that most millennials are comparison shopping and over half abandon their cart to either do this or to search further for reviews. With Google Shopping you can see the reviews and price right in the listing, which is another reason it has become so effective as a powerful marketing tool for 1000’s of successful online merchants.

CTR and Conversions

Optimizing a Google Shopping Campaign is not easy

So how do our experts get your products properly listed with Google Shopping? It is simple to define but difficult to execute because it requires:

  1. Good Product Data
  2. Continuous tweaking of your Google Shopping feed

Just like PPC and any other marketing channel, you must start by creating a Google Shopping strategy and by setting your campaign objectives.

  1. What is your ROAS (Return on ad spend)?
  2. What product categories and products do you what to advertise?
  3. How to allocate budgets across groups and campaigns?
  4. What programmatic bidding, budget pacing, search term harvesting, and negative keyword grouping need to be addressed.
  5. What audiences will be targeted and what retargeting on Facebook is needed?

Once you know this, it boils down to many tactical questions:

  1. How are your product groups defined?
  2. Do they need to be adjusted?
  3. How do we isolate search terms to optimize results?
  4. Do you need a different bidding methodology?
  5. Does your data feed need multi day updates?
  6. How does Google’s shopping algorithm impact your campaigns?
  7. What programmatic bidding, budget pacing, search term harvesting, and negative keyword grouping is desired
  8. Are my Google reviews integrated and working properly?
  9. What Google dynamic remarketing ads are needed?
  10. What Google Shopping special offers need to be set up?

It may sound daunting but our full-service Google shopping management experts are here to help.

The Commerce Shop will help you manage your merchant center account and Google Product listing ads. We’ll work with you to optimize your adwords product feed and help optimize your google shopping campaigns. With your product organized into groups, we will use Google analytics and conversion tracking to monitor which campaigns, brands, and products are creating the most sales. Armed with this information we can then make recommendations for even better results.

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