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Get top-class Magento certified developers and specialists to build captivating web applications and striking eCommerce platforms for you. Create an immersive environment and stun your customers with intuitive and mobile-ready experiences with the latest extensions and custom solutions.

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Looking for Expert Magento Developers

Hire Magento Specialists & Developers

Our professional developers proffer the best Magento eCommerce development solutions to all your eCommerce needs. With years of expertise and experience, we aim to leverage eCommerce businesses with an exceptional platform and customized development that allows every business to manage, sell and maintain their store products with ease.

Hire Magento Specialists & Developers
Let the experts do the job for you.

Let the experts do the job for you.

We are a distinguished team of experts catering top-notch web and app development services to all unique business needs. That means we drill down to the details and help eCommerce businesses scale their development, design, competitive advantage & digital marketing capabilities.

Offsite Developers

The Commerce Shop is an expert team with top-tier Magento development talent. Access our pool of dedicated Magento developers and consultants directly to know where you are missing out.


On-site Developers

Full-time or on-contract? Hire certified Magento developers to build advanced e-commerce solutions for your online store. Pick from the pool of experts based on your specific needs and requirements.


Hybrid Developers

Have a challenging or complex project in hand? Hybrid models of our dedicated Magento developer services help you in realizing your eCommerce vision, as well as fit right into your budget.


Why hire Magento developers from The Commerce Shop?

15+ Years of Experience

Diverse range of industries, assorted market segments, distinctive custom requests, and what not? Over the years we have worked with all types of businesses and have offered them comprehensive eCommerce solutions to achieve success.

Extensive Tech Expertise

The Commerce Shop’s Magento developers use their extensive knowledge and latest technologies to come up with unique designs and development. With their proficiency and skill, our Magento developers craft superior eCommerce solutions with the best frameworks and UI/UX.

Flexible Hiring Model

Full-time, contract, offsite, on-site, or hybrid? Hire our Magento certified developers as per your needs. Don’t let time zones and locations stop you from achieving your eCommerce goals. Have the developer sent to your location.

Use of the Agile Methodology

Rapid customer satisfaction, continuous development, and delivery on time is our style. We address every need of the client and keep up with the ever-changing marketing trends and technology in all our projects.

Hassle-free Project Handling

Our expert Magento developers stick with clear communication and measurable benchmarks when they handle a project. So you’re guaranteed top-quality eCommerce solutions at the right time, within budget, just as per your expectations.

Security Assurance

Native and customized tools are used to assess the security risks for your eCommerce platform. Our professionals constantly update on security patches to offer all your customers a safe and secure shopping experience.

24/7 Support

We know timely support can propel projects to greater heights. That’s why our team works around the clock to offer results above and beyond. Along with the Magento developers, you also get 24/7 support that is needed to operate your project efficiently.

Endless Customization

From iterating extensions to adopting new tech for designing custom solutions as per the industry’s need or requirement, our Magento developers do an excellent job. With tailor-made solutions, we have built long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Why hire Magento developers from The Commerce Shop?

Blueprint To Hire Magento developers

We are dedicated to crafting unique immersive environments using the latest extensions and custom solutions. If you need a custom-made website for your business, then you need a top-tier Magento development talent.

Share your business requirements

Share your business requirements

We believe transparent communication is the key to a project’s success. Share intricate details, unique needs, and requirements of your project with us. Our support team shall listen carefully and make note of all the information provided.

Speak to our expert Magento developers

Speak to our expert Magento developers

Our expert team will review the outline of the project and prepare a clear record of the skills and time need to complete the work. Following which based on the required parameters, the team for the project will be picked.

Selection of engagement model

Selection of engagement model

The business model and kind of commitment needed will be decided by you. We are always open to accommodating hybrid models that are tailor-made based on what works best with your brand.

Commencement of onboarding process

Commencement of onboarding process

Once everything is set, our Magento developers will instantly initiate work by collaborating with your team to understand their role. Our developers integrate well with the existing teams and effortlessly take things to the next level.


Other magento services

Case studies & stories

Discover how we solve your eCommerce challenges.

Magento 2 Migration Optimized The Website For Greater Profits

Magento 2 Migration Optimized The Website For Greater Profits

The chocolate website showcased numerous products. By the time they approached us for help, the intricacies had progressed to a limit where they were causing a tangible loss for the business.

Our Results

  • 52% Boosted sales
  • 30% Improved traffic
  • 18% Decrease in page load time

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Improved CRO For Health Care Water Purification Systems

A famous water purifier company in the US, growing with disruptive ideas in the space of water purification types of equipment, wanted to optimize conversion rates and increase sales revenue.

Our Results

  • 75% Increased conversion rate in less than 6 months
  • 300% Average increase in revenue YoY
  • 20% Increased AOV -Average order value YoY

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Improved CRO For Health Care Water Purification Systems

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Frequently asked questions

Why should we hire Magento developers from your agency?

The Commerce Shop holds 15+ years of experience in this field and has top-tier Magento development talent available. Our developers have exceptional experience working with and for a diverse range of industries, assorted market segments, and distinctive custom requests.

Can we hire dedicated Magento Developers from your company?

Yes, ofcourse! You can hire dedicated Magento developers up to 180 hours/month on your project. Our tailor-made services are designed perfectly to match all your advanced business needs.

Does your agency allow Magento-certified frontend developers to work on-site in the USA?

Yes. We consistently send Magento web developers to work at U.S.-based locations. However, the associated rates and essentials for acquiring on-site talent are comparatively higher than hiring remote developers. We’re happy to discuss the needs during the consultation.

How much will it cost to hire Magento 2 Developers from your agency?

Every project has different requirements resulting in differing costs based on scope and management. However, we’re happy to offer you an accurate estimate after you have consulted with our team. We shall also provide you an outlined budget based on your needs.

How much will it cost for Magento website development?

Our Magento development and web solutions are priced depending on the complexity and scope of the project. Once we go through your needs, we can provide a custom quote that is budget-friendly and aligns with the current market.

Can your Magento developers handle website upgrades and migration?

Definitely Yes. Our Magento developers have years of experience, extensive knowledge, and skills needed to upgrade your eCommerce platform.

How do we get in touch?

Thank you for your interest to hire our Magento developers. You can reach our support team with the “Contact Us” button on this page. You can book your free consultation where we can review your requirements and get the best Magento specialist on your budget and goals.

Collaborate with the top Magento developers today & grow your business

Magento Resource Plan

Semi-Annual Plans with no Cancellation Fees after 6 months & Satisfaction Guarantee Forever

STAFFING Acceleration Plan Basic Most Popular Full Service
Full time Sr. Magento Contract Developer Hours/month 160 Hours 160 Hours 160 Hours
TheCommereShop Premium Support (Tech leads, QA, UX design, upgrades) Hours/month* 10 Hours 20 Hours 30 Hours
Hiring & Onboarding, Payroll, benefits, local compliance Included Included Included
Hiring & Onboarding, Payroll, benefits, local compliance 5 Days/Week 5 Days/Week 5 Days/Week
Access to TheCommereShop Architect Resource Helpdesk* Included Included
FREE 24/7 DrupalPartners site monitoring 6+ Months 6+ Months 6+ Months
Resource Qualifications Senior level Senior or Architect level Senior or Architect level
Resource Price/month Asia
Resource Price/month Latin America
Resource Price/month USA & Europe
Staffing Success Acceleration Plan Price/month 1,000 1,750 2,500


Any Magento contractor that does not COMPLETELY SATISFY your needs at any time will be immediately replaced, AND $1,000 will be credited to your account within the first 90 days. Your contractor is paid 80% of the agreed resource price/month plus benefits.


We promise you are going to love our unique guaranteed and transparent staffing hip savings.


All you need to know about Magento 2 Migration in 2022

All you need to know about Magento 2 Migration in 2022

If your business is running in Magento 1, then start thinking about migration at once. Reasons to Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2? 1.Enhanced Performance 2.Intuitive Checkout 3.Responsive Designs

How to install ScandiPWA – the Progressive Web App theme for your Magento stores

How to install ScandiPWA – the Progressive Web App theme for your Magento stores

What is ScandiPWA: ScandiPWA is the Progressive Web App theme for Magento stores.It is an offline-ready, ultra-fast, open-source PWA solution based on React and Redux.

How Much A Magento Website Is Going To Cost

How Much A Magento Website Is Going To Cost

Depending on your business needs, you could choose basic Magento, Community edition or an Enterprise edition.The hourly rates for Magento development varies from the experience level of the developer.

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