Search Engine Optimization that improves keyword rankings

Improving market-specific keyword rankings and domain page authority

eCommerce SEO is super important to your store success and is not the same as traditional SEO. It involves two critical components that work to improve traffic and search results for your site: Online Store Optimization (also called on-page eCommerce optimization) and Offpage Optimization. Our team will audit both of these and provide detailed recommendations based on your objectives. One part of our eCommerce agency SEO services involves tracking and improving market-specific keyword rankings and domain page authority against our clients’ competitors.

Online store optimization

As a top eCommerce agency we create a custom on-page eCommerce strategy that optimizes your stores product, category and brand pages. We position these pages to deliver motivated consumers ready to purchase your products.

Website structure optimization

To succeed in organic search your site must be easy to navigate and understand. An accurate site structure will reduce bounce rate and improve dwell time, both of which will lead to improved rankings.

With the right structure you get site links that are a huge SEO advantage. In addition a better site structure means better crawling. Our eCommerce SEO experts will review every page of your website, and then our development team will make the improvements they recommend.

Keyword targeting

Your site needs to attract shoppers with intent to purchase. We research what keywords you need to attract these consumers who are further down the buying cycle. A very basic step for optimizing a site is working on its configuration. From the admin panel, one can rewrite or modify the URLs of the web pages to make them user-friendly and search friendly by adding a few popular keywords.

Product reviews

Google loves products that have reviews. As a specialist eCommerce marketing agency we have great tools to help you generate more reviews for your site and for your products. Matter of fact our team built an entire SaaS reviews platform just for customers like you. It is called TargetBay.

Platform optimization

We have specialist in Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce and Drupal Commerce. Our eCommerce UX experts leverage their experience of what works best. Our maintenance services include 24/7 site monitoring for any issues that impact user experience. UX and maintaining your site with a clean bill of health is becoming extremely important in your site ranking with all search engines.

Product page enhancements

Product pages are the soul of your eCommerce store. It is critical to make the product pages SEO friendly. Meta descriptions, page titles and URL are used to optimize each product category.

One way to enhance SEO rankings of Magento powered stores is the creation of a consistent tag structures for the product pages. For instance, using of H1 tags for Catalogue name and H3 for Product names under the Product Catalogue page will aid in gaining more visibility in popular search engines

Product image optimization

Apart from providing quality images for the products on the site, using proper file names for each product image is vital. The names assist shoppers to find products in your search box. Further, title and ALT tags on images provide the page information to all search engine spiders enhancing the visibility of products in the search engines.

Off-page optimization

eCommerce link building for SEO

It is critical to have quality backlinks. These need to be backlinks that have a high domain authority. Our eCommerce marketing team will work on link building campaigns to get high value links that improve rankings, visibility, and engage your targeted audience.

High quality content marketing

Your website content establishes your brand in the market. Every blog should be written with a clear SEO purpose. Our eCommerce bloggers can assist you in designing your strategy and also write the content if needed.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

We have a team of social media eCommerce experts that will create social buzz around your product offerings.

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