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We design, develop, and deliver growth focused eCommerce solutions to retailers. The services we provide set a high water mark for engagement and innovation. Whether it is creating pixel-perfect design or putting together a brilliant strategy we help you determine where you want to go and figure out the fastest way to get there together.

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eCommerce solutions built on the foundations of unlimited growth

Customer Experience Optimisation

We help you reach and crush your goals. Our customer experience specialists implement road-tested optimization methods to prime your eCommerce store for growth. We give you clarity around your systems, people and processes and help you prioritize what’s next on your eCommerce journey.

Brand design and experience

Color, typography, and every single design element blends magically to whisper your brand’s story. We ensure that your eCommerce storefront has a look, vibe, and functional experience that makes it stand out from the crowd. Increase customer engagement and retention. Our unique user interfaces are designed to convert.

eCommerce store development

Build your store your way. Our development team starts with your eCommerce dreams and then builds codes to realize them. You don’t want to be lost in a sea of storefronts. We build a storefront that bursts out of the vinyl and is uniquely you.We integrate with the ERP, CRM, payment platform and extensions of your choice.

Support services

87% of our customers continue to work with us post-launch. Our maintenance and support services so site downtimes or technical glitches don’t get in the way of a great eCommerce experience. We offer ongoing technical and CX support for our customers.


We understand how quickly integrations can become a nightmare. The average eCommerce site is powered by close to 20+ integrations. Integrate with ERPs, database servers, CRM systems, eCommerce engines, payment platforms and more through our powerful and secure integration services.

SEO and Optimization

Even the best of websites can find it difficult to convert consistently. Our team of SEO strategists provide the heavy lifting required to capture the right traffic and increase conversions. With our digital experience optimization solutions we make it easier for your customers to find you online.

B2C eCommerce Solutions

Development Strategy

Development Strategy

We fuse customer-led perspective and a strong strategic context to fuel your business growth. Our eCommerce strategy crystalizes ideas, engages shoppers and helps you discover the full potential of your site.

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Experience Design

Experience Design

Experience design is the powerful combination of creativity and strategy. And that is why we have a team of strategists, art directors and interface designers who work together to create elegant commerce interactions.

Craft eCommerce experiences

eCommerce maintenance

eCommerce maintenance

We analyze your site to identify problem areas and capability gaps and put together a holistic solution. We perform regular technical audits to avoid downtimes, loading time issues and security concerns.

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Propelling business growth

Dawson Jones retails store fixtures and is based out of Atlanta. It provides mannequins, bags and everything in between to set up a retail shop. They work with TheCommerceShop to improve brand visibility and optimize PPC initiatives.

We offer responsive and innovative business solutions that have enabled our customers to see phenomenal results.

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Propelling business growth

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We’ve enabled our B2B customers to see substantial bottomline growth,improve operational efficiency and explore what’s next for their business.


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Divers Supply

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Divers Supply


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