B2C Marketing for seamless customer experience

Unifying customer data to unlock new possibilities in B2C marketing.

B2C marketing typically involves multiple tools like paid ads, mobile marketing and email service providers. However, to get a big picture of customers, one should integrate all of them. At The Commerce Shop, we focus on unifying customer data to unlock new possibilities in B2C marketing.

How we do B2C marketing?

Unifying all the customer data

We collate customer data from social media, customer service, emails, PoS transactions and the website that includes mobile and web traffic. Our experts will identify your customers’ likes and dislikes, their communication preferences and their buying habits. We then develop strategies to personalize and customize the marketing communications.

Personalized marketing

We creatively use the integrated customer data to engage with the customers more effectively. Based on customer data like demographics, purchase history, past abandoned carts, we create personalized marketing strategies that can quickly increase revenue by increasing customer acquisition rate and parallely improving customer loyalty as well.

Planning subsequent actions

Combining customer data and their past history of buying behavior, we can plan and even automate subsequent actions. Our experts get into finer details such as when a customer has opened the brand’s marketing emails in the past and schedule them according to customer’s preferred time.

Omnichannel marketing

While personalized marketing is one of the strategies in B2C, providing a seamless, unified shopping experience across all channels is equally important. We aim at making customers’ experience consistent across all marketing channels by pitching the right offer at the right time.

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