Strategies that define the ‘Commerce’ of your eCommerce

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eCommerce technology is continuously changing and new competitors are regularly surfacing from new sectors. It is not easy to keep up. At The Commerce Shop our eCommerce experts help you to formulate key development strategies that enable your organization to achieve its business goals.

Our development strategy methodology.


The most significant challenge in eCommerce is advancing the customer towards the checkout page. For this to happen naturally we prioritize the content flow. We do this by evaluating keyword search, current SEO visits, conversion ratios and profit margin for each product. Doing this will yield the maximum ROI.


Content needs to be classified based on various factors like product popularity, review ratings, shipment costs and so on. We will include a robust search box that can help the user search for products quickly. Ultimately, both prioritization and classification must work together, so the user finds the product they seek within a few clicks.


Our experts ensure smooth online transactions by successfully integrating the website with various services: secured payment gateways, CRM, logistics trackers, currency tools, and many others. We work closely with all of your technology vendors to seamlessly integrate their products with your website.


Our eCommerce developers are trained to understand your site requirements and choose the best content management system and shopping platform. We have deep experience across various platforms including Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, and Drupal. For special needs which go beyond the these platforms we develop custom modules.


For our clients we are their 360-degree development partner. We ensure that their eCommerce site is fully functional and that it provides a delightful customer experience. Our expertise in web technologies and languages such as PHP, Java, CSS, etc., delivers cutting-edge technology solutions to our clients and will to you too.


There are so many useful eCommerce websites which simply lack an effective marketing strategy. At The Commerce Shop we don’t stop with development but continue to create tailor-made strategies that work for your business goals and reap profits.

We provide various eCommerce marketing services including: social media promotion, email marketing, SEO, pay-per-click (PPC)marketing and retargeting to win back customers. In short, we reach out to customers in many different ways and achieve high conversions for your business growth.

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