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Content is the king and effectively marketing the content can take us halfway towards success. As a digital agency, our expertise in content marketing helps inspire your target customers to make buying decisions quickly and improve your ROI in a very short span of time.

How we do content marketing

Strategy development

Our first step in content marketing is creating a content plan. Rather than the traditional methods of writing content and promoting blogs in social media, we implement latest trending practices such as sharing customer experiences, telling brand stories and prioritizing quality and value over quantity. Our clear roadmap with various initiatives we formulate in due course will deliver the desired results in less time.

Analytics consultation

eCommerce analytics involve knowing the target customers, pages with high traffic, effective marketing campaigns, growth opportunities and efforts to increase ROI. Our eCommerce experts determine how to collect the required statistics and improve the analysis accurately. We also report our marketing insights periodically to take adequate steps to achieve your business goals.

Content creation

Our content experts will determine the current status of your website and based on analytics insights, create content that addresses the content gaps. We meticulously write content based on keywords with high traffic and educate the target audience, mainly the digital marketers, to generate value-driven content that addresses the pain points of the target audience.


Our content team has a variety of experience in writing different types of content such as blogging, website and video content, influencer-driven content, infographics, white papers and case studies. We provide expert-level email marketing content, develop visual ebooks and traditional ebooks. We write content for social media to grab the attention of the tech-savvy audience and press releases as well.

Distribution and promotion

To create an impact in the market, we help distribute your content and help promote the content across various distribution channels. Our distribution options include paid promotion, email marketing, social media marketing, PPC, and SEO. We regularly update our content distribution action plan to achieve the desired business goals.

Marketing measurement

Measuring your marketing metrics and finding the effectiveness of all your marketing efforts is necessary. We estimate as to how users consume, retain and share the content. We also evaluate the cost-effectiveness, engagement level of the audience and its impact on sales and ROI. Based on the measurement results, our eCommerce experts will diagnose and troubleshoot issues and revise the content strategy accordingly.

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