Control operating costs and improve conversions

Make profit on a global scale and sustain for a longer period in the marketplace.

Unified Commerce, as the name suggests, is a centralized, real-time platform across all channels and customer touch points. Putting the customer experience first, helps us get rid of internal channels operating autonomously.

How we do unified commerce?

Meeting expectations of the global shopper

We develop a global retail strategy that is flexible enough to appeal to each specific global shopper. Our unified platform can help scale up the current systems like POS and CRM to respond to a global shopper’s preferences.

Creating personalized shopping experience

Every customer is to be treated as an individual and it is necessary to provide an exceptional experience with personalized approach. Every step such as pricing accuracy, data insights, location-driven discounts will bring customer closer to your store.

Discovering insights that improves conversion

A consolidated CRM along with order and inventory information helps in discovering insights to scale up the returns and sourcing to a global level. This helps you maintain fluid inventory while parallely improving conversion rates. With unified commerce, we help you control operating costs.

Tracking supply chain & logistics

With unified commerce, we address bottlenecks in supply chain and inventory levels. A common inventory helps keep track of every product in every distribution centre. This means no matter where your customers are located, your product is within their reach.

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