B2B eCommerce Solutions

B2B customers are expecting the ease of use that B2C shopping experiences offer. Intuitive, nimble and streamlined B2B & B2C eCommerce solutions are what your customers are looking for. We get that. From building a strong system architecture to turning complex online catalogs into smooth self-service experiences, we enable B2B businesses & B2B eCommerce platforms to outpace highly competitive markets.

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Connected, Tightly Integrated And Economical B2B eCommerce Solutions Centralize systems and platforms

Centralize systems and platforms

Our vast experience as a B2B eCommerce development agency in handling complex integrations translate into synchronized inventories, well-orchestrated customer journeys, and connectivity across various systems. We’ve integrated with 100+ vendors, platforms, and technologies to provide our B2B customers with real-time, bi-directional feeds to third-party solutions and legacy systems. Grow your business without struggling to unify disparate systems and processes.

Resolve catalog complexities

Heavy online catalogs that have millions of SKUs, multiple payment options, and varying pricing structures can pose a huge challenge. The solution? A purchase journey that is tailored to different audience segments. And an informational architecture that speeds up product discovery and the order completion process.

Unify brand experiences

Meet high-value customers where they are, anywhere, on any device. Overcome the challenges of running multiple web stores and trying to engage with customers across multiple digital channels by creating a singular, on-brand shopping experience. Our B2B digital marketing agency consists of expert strategists who provide B2B eCommerce platforms with a strong visual identity and customized shopping experiences without adding any complications to the backend. We also offer custom branding and frameworks solutions. Our B2B & B2C eCommerce solutions help you leverage your potential to the fullest and uncover endless opportunities.

Improve data visibility

With the everyday chaos of running and managing multiple product lines and services, important KPIs can get buried under layers of pointless data. Every happy customer is a data point and with our years of experience as a successful B2B eCommerce development agency, we continually measure vital data points to reiterate and improvise your site. This data-driven approach results in frictionless buying experiences for your customers and provides your sales teams with the information required to sell more efficiently.

Gain control

Perfection lies in the details. If you are in the B2B wholesale commerce space we develop sites that display information according to your wholesale customer base. We can also develop a password-protected storefront that can be accessed only by select, authorized visitors. To provide you with another layer of control, product and category access can be restricted based on customer groups.

Customize pricing information

Most B2B businesses base their prices on volume which can be a challenge for processing systems. Offer individualized pricing information based on customer profiles and groups. As an experienced B2B eCommerce marketing agency, we integrate with the right tech stack to help you drive up efficiency.

B2B eCommerce Solutions for B2B Businesses

Development Strategy

Development Strategy

We fuse a customer-led perspective and a strong strategic context to fuel your business growth. Our eCommerce strategy crystalizes ideas, engages shoppers, and helps you discover the full potential of your site.

Discover growth strategies

Experience Design

Experience Design

Experience design is a powerful combination of creativity and strategy. And that is why we have a team of B2B eCommerce developers, strategists, art directors, and interface designers who work together to create elegant commerce interactions.

Craft eCommerce experiences

eCommerce maintenance

eCommerce maintenance

As a B2B eCommerce development agency, we analyze your site to identify problem areas and capability gaps and put together a holistic solution. We perform regular technical audits to avoid downtimes, loading time issues, and security concerns.

Get a stable and secure site

For B2B

  • Modernize Operations
  • Empower Merchants
  • Eliminate Redundancies
  • Manage Heavy Catalogs
  • Accelerate Customer Journeys

FLEXIBLE Engagement Model

Some B2B companies feel that getting results requires a mammoth overhaul of existing processes. To prevent clients from switching over to your competitors, small, fixable problem areas can be identified and resolved. We are the B2B eCommerce agency that understands the unique business requirements of our clients and help them succeed. Whether it is figuring out and solving big issues or providing a package of small changes that result in a constant stream of improvement, we offer a flexible engagement model.

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Propelling business growth

As a leading B2B eCommerce agency, TheCommerceShop has helped B2B companies meet growth objectives, streamline workflows and get higher ROI for every single commerce initiative taken.

We offer responsive and innovative B2B & B2C eCommerce solutions that have enabled our customers to see phenomenal results.

See how we helped a retailer achieve 3X growth in this video.

Propelling business growth

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We’ve years of expertise as a successful B2B eCommerce agency that has enabled our B2B customers to see substantial bottomline growth, improve operational efficiency, and explore what’s next for their business.


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FAQs in B2B Commerce


What is B2B type of eCommerce?

B2B type e-commerce is electronic commerce between two businesses (Business to business). i.e, the sale of goods & services between two businesses via online sales portal.


What are B2B eCommerce solutions?

B2B eCommerce Solutions are the services or products that help B2B businesses transact electronically. The range of eCommerce solutions includes the design, development, operation, maintenance, and support of websites, marketing solutions, and customer relationship management strategies. In general, it is used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s sales efforts. B2B e-commerce solutions improve the effectiveness and efficiency of eCommerce businesses.


What is the B2B business model?

The Business-to-business (B2B) model or B2B process, is the transaction between two businesses, in which one acts as a seller while the other is the buyer. Here the transaction happens between two companies rather than a company and an individual customer.


What are the characteristics of good B2B eCommerce solutions?

Characteristics of good B2B eCommerce solutions are

1. mobile-friendly in nature

2. modern buyer interface

3. access to updates and feature additions

4. easily fits the business’ selling rules.


What services do you offer as a b2b eCommerce development agency?

The Commerce Shop offers end-to-end solutions for B2B eCommerce businesses.

1. Development strategy

2. Design

3. eCommerce maintenance


How to choose a B2B eCommerce platform?

Before choosing an eCommerce platform check for the growth factor, running cost, customer engagement, business objectives, and services offered by your b2b eCommerce agency.

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