How to create an ADA-Compliant
eCommerce website

At The Commerce Shop, we empower eCommerce websites with ADA compliance. As one of the leaders in the eCommerce solutions, we will ensure that your online store is up to date on WCAG 2.0 guidelines to be compliant with the ADA and shielded from legal risk.

ADA Lawsuits & The Outcome

In the present time, if your eCommerce website is not ADA Compliant, then stayed assured it is more likely to get sued. A few years ago, Amazon, Burger King, and Hulu ended up going to the court for their non-compliant websites and had it resolved out of court. Winn Dixie’s and Domino’s went to the court and lost it badly.

If you are keen on resolving it, then the lawsuits against your websites can only be handled by settlements or litigation. Bottom line, going to court thinking that your company could prove its point can give you the worst nightmare because it brings about the negative press for your company. Therefore, it is recommendable to make your website ADA compliant as soon as possible.

ADA Lawsuits & The Outcome

ADA – Crackdown

In the year 2016, 200 plus websites faced accessibility lawsuits. That said, it is essential to get started to making your eCommerce website ADA Compliant. On the brighter side, it will expand your audience reach. There are only two areas to consider.

Accessible for the blind

The screen reader software enables the visually impaired individual to navigate a website and its content; the software scans the text and transforms it into audio for the visitor to listen. Here is a list of things that are needed to make it work:

  • Include codes that are understood by the screen reader.
  • Use proper headers in the case of images.
  • Make sure that the alternative text precisely defines the image.
  • The labels on the forms should be identifiable.
  • Your site needs to support the latest browser versions.
  • Use high-contrast color schemes on the website.
Accessible for the blind

Accessible for the deaf

Just think about how complicated the check-out would be as a user if you didn’t know what to fill in where. Your next move would be to get on to a site that was easier to navigate. People who are hearing impaired since birth will not be able to comprehend written words. To provide them the same rights and opportunities as everyone else:

  • Use sign language to help understand the webpage content.
  • Use sign-language videos wherever it is required.
  • Use captions or subtitles with videos for people who can read.
Accessible for the deaf

ADA Compliance – When to get started?

The best time to get busy is now, but ADA compliance involves considerable design alterations. So, if you are planning to migrate to Magento 2, Shopify, BigCommerce, or any other platform, we recommend putting ADA compliance at the top of your migration checklist.

To better understand ADA Compliance and to get started with the process, talk to our eCommerce experts today.

ADA Compliance - When to get started?

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