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Our eCommerce Portfolio

Lazy One

Sitewide HTTPS conversion to encrypt all online transactions.Fraud detection module implemented to only allow safe transaction. Integrated [..]

Magento eCommerce Development For Lazy One

Performance Pcs

We performed data migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 along with UI changes and Bitpay integration. They client also has a monthly [..]

Magento eCommerce Development For Performance Pcs

Chesapeake Bay Candle

Optimized their one page checkout page for improved conversions. Implemented predictive search to improve product visibility. Fixed [..]

Magento eCommerce Development For Chesapeake Bay Candle

Fab Habitat

The eCommerce website crashed for no reason and we analyzed the reason and fixed the issue completely. Performed feed integration [..]

Magento eCommerce Development For Fab Habitat

Hometown Mobility

Applied the latest security patch to secure the website. Redesigned the website and optimized the pages for improved page load speed [..]

Magento eCommerce Development For Hometown Mobility


Integrated Pay With Amazon module to their website. Installed rich snippet module to improve their organic visibility as well as implemented [..]

Magento eCommerce Development For Leila

My Brand Evolution

Performed Magento version upgrade. Fixed the inventory and URL redirection issue. Integrated ship station and implemented multisite [..]

Magento eCommerce Development For My Brand Evolution

Get Bit Outdoors

Implemented predictive search to improve product discovery. To improve CRO, we implemented one page checkout and applied the latest [..]

Magento eCommerce Development For Get Bit Outdoors

Quality Furniture Discounts

Imlemented one page checkout for improving their eCommerce conversions. Applied security patch to secure the website as well as [..]

Magento eCommerce Development For Quality Furniture Discounts

DCG – DataCenterGear

Applied security patch for safe transaction. Performed email integration to communicate better with eCommerce clients[..]

Magento eCommerce Development For DCG - DataCenterGear

Advanced Box

Performed Magento version upgrade and sitewide HTTPS to encrypt all transactions. Implemented cache module and other eCommerce[..]

Magento eCommerce Development For Advanced Box

Golden Rabbit

Predictive search implemented to improve product discover. Applied security patch and other optimization techniques to improve[..]

Magento eCommerce Development For Golden Rabbit

Good State

Optimized the eCommerce website to improve page load speed. Performed website redesign to imrpove site navigation and engagement[..]

Magento eCommerce Development For Good State


Fixed chrome freezing issue along updating the payment gateway for secured transaction. Performed mobile redesign for maximum […]

Magento eCommerce Development For SUPCASE


Color swatch module to help customize products added to the cart. Algolia module to implement preditive search. Upgraded version[..]

Magento eCommerce Development For I-Blason

Aidan Gray

Checkout page optimization and eCommerce web design changes to improve site conversions and improved user experience[..]

Magento eCommerce Development For Aidan Gray

W3ll People

We redesigned their Website to have better brand alignment with their online presence. Restructured their product and category list pages […]

Magento Development For W3ll People

Wallaroo Hat Company

We implemented an user review system, allowing customers to learn more about the products and rate them. We increased […]

Drupal Commerce Development For Wallaroo Hat Company

Everyone Does It

We upgraded the site to latest version of Magento Community. Installed PhP 7 to optimize site performance. Currently working on […]

Magento Development For Everyone Does It


We developed a Magento 2.0 extension for their Bit Coin integration. Now, Magento 2.0 can accept Bit Coin as […]

Magento Development For Bitpay


We migrated the site to AWS hosting. Installed credible SSL certificates and security updates. Redesign and full upgrade in the […]

Magento Development For Tru-Gard Direct

LoCost Medical

We created a dynamic sitemap, allowing Google to crawl thousands of previously hidden products. Shortened URLs for product pages […]

Magento Development For LoCost Medical Supply

Divers Supply

We streamlined and optimized their shopping cart and checkout process. Updated and migrated from Magento 1.7 to 1.9. We […]

Magento Development For Divers Supply

EZ Truck Store

EZ Truck Store sells accessories for trucks and big rig drivers. We did a custom backend audit […]

Drupal Commerce Development For EZ Truck Store