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Customizable, flexibile, reliabile – All things your business requires in an eCommerce platform. Magento was designed with scalability in mind, making it ideal for any growing business seeking to boost their conversion rates. If you are looking to compete with bigger competitors, making the switch from osCommerce to Magento is vital to your success.

It may seem daunting and not worth your time, but that’s where The Commerce Shop comes in. Our Magento migration team knows how to make your transition hassle-free so that you experience all of the gain and none of the pain.

Increased Customization With Magento

While osCommerce is a sufficient eCommerce platform for newer startups, it isn’t going to bring in heaps of revenue because it has pretty strict limits on what you can do. For instance, osCommerce lacks options when it comes to

  • Payment methods,
  • Does not have many language features, and
  • Can only handle managing a single store.

For these reasons, our developers recommend Magento. With Magento, your business has scalability. Impressive features give your online visitors a fun and engaging online experience, helping you turn these visitors into sales.

Magento’s customizable features and design options will allow your eCommerce site to stand out and also meet the specific needs of your business. Custom coupons, discounts, email templates, and product customization are all features that Magento has which osCommerce lacks.

Custom Coupons
Increasing Revenue And Sales

So, Why Would Anyone Consider Anything Other Than Magento?

Well, Magento can come with a high learning curve for those who aren’t tech-savvy. That’s where The Commerce Shop comes in! Our certified Magento developers want to partner with you and allow your business to come out on top in eCommerce. By working with you and hearing your ideas, The Commerce Shop team will be able to create an eCommerce site that is unique to your business,has unbeatable performance and better CRO. We want to take your vision and make it into a scalable eCommerce site that will help you pave the way for increasing revenue and sales.

Performance Driven eCommerce

There is a reason why Magento is currently the most popular eCommerce platform. While both Magento and osCommerce are free open source software, only one can give you the performance and scale needed for a growing eCommerce site.

Magento is feature-rich, allows for easy eCommerce integration, and makes your site ready to be optimized to increase sales revenue. Not only is it designed to make things easier for the online shopper, but it also helps your business consolidate tasks and save time (and, thus, money).

Consolidate Tasks And Save Time
Transferring Your Existing Store Data To Magento

Experienced Magento Migration Developers

Moving can seem like a pain, but we have an experienced team of Magento migration developers who will make transferring your existing store data to Magento seem like a breeze. The Commerce Shop is excited to be part of your plan to facilitate your business’s growth, and our Magento developers are ready to hear from you!

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