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A Stress-free Migration From Volusion To Magento

If you are currently using Volusion as an eCommerce platform and are frustrated with the limitations of Volusion, The Commerce Shop team can make the migration from Volusion to Magento easy for you. It’s time to stop hindering your business’s growth by subjecting it to Volusion’s limited functionality.

You can make your eCommerce site competitive in the eCommerce realm by migrating to Magento. Whether your business is just starting out or has been up and running for a while, now is the best time to make the switch.

Migrating your customers, products, orders and other critical data to Magento may seem daunting, but you are in good hands with our experienced team of web developers.

Using extensions like LitExtension and Cart2Cart, our Magento migration developers will ensure that your new site is ready to go on the very first day.

A Stress-free Migration From Volusion to Magento
Increase Your Sales With CRO

Increase Your Sales With CRO

Our CRO experts will work with you and identify areas of improvement on your site to increase your eCommerce conversions. We will leverage all the advantages that Magento offers over Volusion, the extensions, the hosting options, the CRO and SEO modules, increased support etc. This will offer you a site that not only recreates the old features but builds on it to provide the best experience to your customers.

Implement modules to track, understand and reach out to customers to increase conversions and reduce shopping cart abandonment.

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Magento Experts Who Deliver

With more than 7 years of experience developing and enhancing eCommerce sites, The Commerce Shop is the ideal partner for your Magento migration. We will audit your Volusion site thoroughly, find the right Magento modules to recreate all existing functionality and even develop new modules and integrations to make sure your site works as good as or even better than it is currently. Get the additional peace of mind of knowing that your site is up to date with all security updates and is supported by an expert Magento consulting team.

Magento Experts Who Deliver
A More Efficient eCommerce Solution

A More Efficient eCommerce Solution

Magento offers the freedom of a self hosted platform, with multiple hosting partners and options. At the Commerce Shop, we will identify the best options for your site and work with the providers to make sure your site performs efficiently and without issues.

Magento, compared to Volusion, has a lot more developer support due to its openness. Know your monthly expenses well in advance without having to stress over bandwidth and other unnecessary expenses. Get the best modules and themes for your site installed and running the way you want them.

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Enhanced UX brings 8X increase in revenue

Dec 17, 2018 - An eCommerce Success Story

Enhanced UX brings 8X increase in revenue

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