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All Shopping Carts Are Not Equal

Get a secure and safe website with a faster and more efficient performance from our Magento migration services that provide customers with a smooth shopping with a two-step checkout to facilitate faster checkout. We have complied many questions to ask oneself when one is considering migrating their shopping cart platform.  Please find your platform below and click the “Read More” button to get valuable information derived from our years of migration experience.

Our Magento Migration Services

If you’re on a legacy or proprietary eCommerce platform, our recommendation depends on many factors. Open source may or may not be your best solution, and we would love to discuss this with you. If it is, one of our favorites is Magento. It is user-friendly, customizable and can scale with your business. When you migrate our developers will ensure that your products, order details, customer data etc are all smoothly migrated from your existing platform.

Magento Enterprise Migration

Over time, your eCommerce shop will grow – And so will your needs. Moving to Magento Enterprise unlocks a whole new way of doing eCommerce.

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Magento Enterprise Migration
Volusion To Magento Migration

Volusion To Magento Migration

Volusion is a hosted, paid for service with really limited functionality. If you’re looking for a suitable solution for Volusion to Magento migration, then you have our Magento migration team who will help you with the whole migration process. We know that Magento is cost efficient, highly customizable, scalable and an excellent choice for 1000’s of eCommerce stores.

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WooCommerce To Magento Migration

WooCommerce is a great first eCommerce platform. The tool allows you to get your idea off the ground, but it doesn’t scale well for many folks. If you are considering a different platform let’s talk. Magento scales, gives you tremendous flexibility and is SEO ready-to-go.

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WooCommerce to Magento Migration
OSCommerce to Magento Migration

osCommerce To Magento Migration

Custom coupons, discounts, email templates, product customization – osCommerce lacks many of these robust features and pales in comparison to Magento.

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Big Cartel To Magento Migration

Big Cartel is a wonderful platform for burgeoning artists and local crafters. But when you’re ready to take your artsy products to the next level, it’s time for Magento. Migrate from Big Cartel to Magento – Get ready for incredible plug-ins, integrations and more.

Big Cartel to Magento Migration
Shopify to Magento Migration

Shopify To Magento Migration

Shopify is a great first tool to use for eCommerce, but when you’re ready to scale, you’ll need to migrate to Magento. While migrating from Shopify to Magento, we ensure zero loss of any information and promise to create an incredibly high converting eCommerce site. Migrate from Shopify to Magento – Get ready to see an increase in sales!

We Also Help You Migrate From These Top eCommerce Platforms

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