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The challenge

Our client faced problems with their existing server which significantly reduced their website traffic and their eCommerce profits.

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A Magento Case Study
Enhancing commerce customer experience

About the client:

Our client is a leading eCommerce brand selling antique and designer clothing and accessories for both men and women.

Increase In Recovered Organic Traffic
Increase In Conversion

How we found the missing funds

While testing the site, we discovered that all the payments were stuck with PayPal, and were not received by our client. That is, whenever a customer made a purchase through PayPal, orders were placed and shipped successfully, but payments never reached our client.

How we enhanced market place customization

We applied an additional customization patch that displayed the manufacturing cost, shipping cost and the special price. The patch also enabled a strike through visual of the manufacturing cost thus correctly displaying the sale price to the customer.

How we helped the client convert more traffic

Our client’s exclusive collection of designer pieces attracted good traffic. However, due to the issues with the server and payment processing, traffic was not converting to sales. The website on the AWS server was optimized to achieve a better website load time and increased levels of security.

The result

We resolved the server downtime or payment issues. Their traffic also increased due to the higher page speed. Overall, the client is happy to have a high performing eCommerce website and is to currently seeking additional CRO (conversion rate optimization) services.